Passion is misunderstood.

Entrepreneurs LOVE to be passionate. We don’t consider someone to be truly successful unless they’re making (a ton of) money by following their true love in life.

“Finding your passion” is practically a spiritual quest. What could be more important?

If you’re unfulfilled by your work – or disillusioned by your lack of results – you might just need to find your passion to fix all that! Or so the saying goes.

But what if the search for your passion is insidiously sabotaging your potential as an entrepreneur?

What if Passion is actually crippling your progress, making you stuck and overwhelmed?

Over the last two years, my company Commit Action has conducted over ten thousand one-on-one phone conversations with small business owners and entrepreneurs.

We’ve worked with a professor of Neuroscience at Harvard Medical School. We’ve brought in a professor of Positive Psychology from New York University.

Together, we’ve crunched the numbers of thousands of entrepreneurs to answer this simple one question:
Continue reading “Why “Finding Your Passion” is self sabotage “

Apologies for the radio silence lately – I haven’t been missing-in-action, but simply enthralled and digging in deep with the work we’re doing over at Commit Action.

Turns out, scaling a coaching service to thousands of entrepreneurs becomes statistically fascinating. If you could see some of what we’re uncovering – trends, tendencies, cognitive biases – and what it suggests about the nature of entrepreneur success, you’d be stuck in the bat cave with me too!

One of the riveting concepts to come out of this work is the idea of an unfair entrepreneurial advantage, that some people seem to effortlessly do better than others in the pursuit of business goals. And when the team and I started asking WHY, things got really interesting.  Continue reading “This computer programming principle may be the key to unlocking entrepreneurial success “

This is one of those rare and personal here-is-what-I’ve-been-doing-behind-the-scenes posts. If you’re looking for business psychology tactics and strategies, you won’t find them in this article but check out any of these.

What you will find, if you keep reading, is the most thrilling thing to happen at Shrink for Entrepreneurs HQ in a long time. Plus, you’ll get a chance to win seriously cool free stuff. Not lame info products either – I’m giving away some ultra valuable services this week.  Continue reading “An extremely important announcement”

Entrepreneurs, myself included, love to tell themselves a lie about hard work. You convince yourself that today you must wake up and crush that to do list. You have to, you’ve been putting stuff off. Get productive, goddamnit!

Hard work is an essential part of any business success story, but if you look back on the big turning points in your career you’ll probably realize that, like me, it was “luck” or some kind of X Factor that really made the difference.

Bear with me, because if you’ve defined your life with a narrative of Blood, Sweat and Tears this idea isn’t going to feel good… initially. But when you find out how the most successful entrepreneurs create their lucky breaks, you might just un-furrow that brow.   Continue reading “How to manufacture your own lucky breaks”

This is a post I didn’t think I’d have to write. For a long time, I lapped up business advice from everyone who was smarter, more successful or better looking than me.

Most entrepreneurs do the same. They never have a problem doing so, because business advice is always good. More is better than less. Until it isn’t.

For a minority – truly successful business owners (like you), business advice can start to become dangerous.  Continue reading “The 3 types of business advice you should be extremely wary of”

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