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Yes, it’s all in your head.

Entrepreneurs are pretty savvy people. Some are brilliant, even. They have big dreams, huge goals, and by god, they’re going to reach them. They’re not always sure how they’ll reach their goals, but that doesn’t matter.

They’ll make it. One day. You wait and see.

You’ll find entrepreneurs everywhere. They’re freelancers, small business owners, corporate executives and big business linchpins. They’re going after success every day, from starting their own venture to creating new products to negotiating multimillion-dollar deals to changing people’s lives.

Success is compelling. It’s irresistible.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know that feeling. You have dreams and goals, big ones. You know what you want. You can almost taste it.

So you drive forward. You persist. You push through hard times. Through resistance. Through criticism. Through failures. You take the hits. The hard knocks. The tough lessons.

And you keep trying.

That kind of drive takes its toll. You may be an entrepreneur, but you’re only human. You get tired, and discouraged, and disheartened, and confused, and fed up, and stuck.

It’s your toughest roadblock yet – and it’s all in your head.

Self-doubt sneaks up and starts whispering at you. Your confidence gets shaken up. A bad experience leaves a scar. A limiting belief holds you back. Maybe fear creeps in. Or stress. Or depression. Or fatigue. Or frustration.

You can ignore these feelings a long time. A very long time. But they’ll catch up to you eventually.

That’s when you start to have problems.

You hit a plateau. Your ideas stall. You want to push to the next level but can’t seem to get there. You can’t seem to get anywhere. You’re just spinning your wheels.

So you try harder, but the more you try, the less you feel in control. It’s not working. There aren’t enough hours in a day. Small but critical details slip through the cracks, and you’re scared you’ll drop the ball.

You might even feel like quitting. Like giving up. Like walking away from it all.

Giving up isn’t an option.

This isn’t what you wanted. It’s frustrating, because you know you should be able to reach your dreams – you’re smart enough. You just can’t seem to figure out how. You’ve been giving it your all, you’ve tried your hardest, and it’s still not turning out the way you wanted.

You’ve met your match: it’s you.

You can win this game, and you can get what you want. You can spark that entrepreneurial fire inside you and start succeeding like never before. You have everything it takes to shatter the obstacles, to break through to the other side, to finally reach your goals – and grab that winning feeling.

It’s not hard, either. You have all the resources you need you just need to unlock them, access them, and know how to use them so you can put your full entrepreneurial potential to work for you now, not next week or month. And not in 10 or 20 years.

And when you do, you’ll be better than you ever were. You’ll feel on top of the world, in full control. You’ll discover new freedom, new wealth, new ideas and a life better than you’d ever imagined.

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The Dangers of Becoming Superhuman – How to avoid Over-Optimized Entrepreneur Syndrome

The path to entrepreneurial success has become synonymous with becoming superhuman.

With shining examples like Richard Branson and Elon Musk to inspire us, it’s no longer enough to achieve mere business success. The new entrepreneurial definition of success should be dubbed “The Tony Stark” – you need to become a billionaire, genius, playboy philanthropist… and you should probably look like Robert Downey Junior too.

Even if you dial the ambition back from “super human” to merely “optimized human”, you’re still looking at a todo list that includes a successful business, an inspiring relationship with a total babe, epic mastery of high speed sports and/or intellectually complex hobbies, raising of Mensa level genius children, multilingual fluency, good-looking brilliant friends, effortless charisma… and the list goes on.

Ever felt that pressure to be better in every area

The desire to “crush it” is a good ideology, but what if I told you that – in practice – it’s crippling the progress of the entrepreneurs mid-way through their journey to the top.

Over-optimization is dangerous. Here’s why…  Read More

The embarrassing truth about sales – Confession from an Ogilvy CEO

December last year, I was invited – as a card carrying member of a secret cabal of badass entrepreneurs – to spend a day at Ogilvy’s global HQ here in New York, with OgilvyOne CEO Brian Fetherstonhaugh.

These types of mastermind groups are all about soundbites. Naturally, it was entertaining watching a group of mostly Gen Y internet entrepreneurs attempt to get this corporate heavyweight to distill his wisdom down into “Actionable Tactics”.

The session covered Ogilvy’s creative brainstorming process, their five year plan and leadership strategy… and that was before lunch. If I did have to select a single take-away as most mind-blowing, it’d have to be the revelation Brian dropped about his approach to sales.

Simply put, everyone else is doing it wrong. However you’re having sales conversations with your customers, what Brian (and Ogilvy) does is decidedly different. And it’s because they know the humbling – perhaps even embarrassing – truth.  Read More