I’ve taken the stage as a keynote presenter with an audience of five thousand. I’ve hosted intimate retreat-style workshops of less than ten.

Speaking isn’t my focus. I do love doing it though – and I’ll blow minds at your event – so long as the audience is both entrepreneurial and it’s wants and needs are aligned with my expertise.

Peter Shallard speaking

My most polished off-the-shelf keynote runs 60 minutes and is titled: “Why superhuman entrepreneurs succeed easier, faster and more often… and how you can become one of them”

The talk revolves around the evidence-based psychology of high leverage effectiveness.  It’s built on the five years of research and experience my team and I have collectively chalked up, over at my company Commit Action.

Data and insights from our 10,000+ data-collecting phone conversations with small business owners – and collaboration with world-renowned psych/neuro-science researchers – make this presentation consistently an audience favorite at multi-speaker events.

Audiences will walk away with a clear set of jaw-droppingly simple, counter-intuitive principles to transform themselves into the most focused, effective version of themselves possible. 

Peter Shallard Speaking

I can develop custom keynotes and workshops on any aspect of entrepreneurial or business psychology. Areas of “narrow and deep” expertise include:

  • Sales Psychology
  • Marketing Psychology
  • Entrepreneurial existentialism (meaning, purpose, motivation)
  • Personality Psychology and it’s implications for business success

If you have a specific request for a conference or event, the best thing to do is get directly in touch. Pricing is based on your event specifics – travel (away from New York City) is the number one variable.

Contact us here or email my team directly –  info (at) commitaction.com – with your event details and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours.


Outsource your battle for Focus and Productivity

Commit Action’s Executive Aide service helps business owners become the highest leverage version of themselves possible.

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