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You’ve heard the pitch: Wealth. Freedom. Impact. And no compromises on your sanity.

What is it I really do for my clients? It’s also investor relations. Mental models for product strategy. Business Partner… Optimization. And so much more. This page breaks down the detailed specifics of what goes into my work. Please excuse the jargon…

The agenda I hold on behalf of my clients varies as wildly as the initial presenting issues an entrepreneur might come to me with. They include tricky interpersonal dynamics, existential questions of fundamental motivation, strategic guidance and clarification of mental models.

Those on my long term roster ultimately benefit from the deep work: Developing peak optimal function across each step of the hierarchy below. This is a hierarchical “stack” of objectives that my service develops in my long term client’s lives.

Think of this as the complete answer to the question:
“What does a Shrink for Entrepreneurs do for you?”

  1. Self Transcending Impact & Legacy
  1. Define and achieve your highest leverage identity
  2. Consistent Alignment & Motivational flow
  1. Shine light on psychological & strategic blind spots
  2. Boost self awareness & reduce self-sabotage
  3. End false dichotomies between Wealth, Freedom and Happiness
  4. Step into your place amongst elite entrepreneurs
  1. Experienced, evidence based strategic counsel
  2. Reduces risk & Increases focus
  3. Optimizes bottom-line outcomes
  4. Accelerates results & Multiplies leverage (reducing effort)

The highest levels of entrepreneurship generate – by definition and necessity – inner turmoil, ambiguous dilemmas and high-stakes strategic decisions.

All these challenges are the most “first-world problems” imaginable, while still being deeply meaningful – and urgent –  to those experiencing them.

The elite business leaders I work with value dedicated and experienced support in these matters.

Their sessions – the supportive “space” held for them on my roster – serve as a dedicated resolution tool for these challenges. They are then uniquely free to execute with clear-headed, internal alignment at all other times.

Imagine having a psychology and business expert on tap – holding the highest level vision for your success possible – acting as compass and map as you navigate your entrepreneurial career.

I provide the guidance and support you need to change your thinking and behavior in ways that accelerate the (simultaneous) outcomes of wealth, freedom and sanity.

Arriving at that place then frees you to accomplish something truly worthwhile: Self actualization, big impact and legacy.

I believe we collectively need entrepreneurial leaders to create positive global impact. Leaders ready to tackle the challenges we share as a community. Accelerating the careers of such entrepreneurs (like you!) with innovative business psychology is my mission.

But what’s your mission? Are you ready to fast-track it?

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Consultation starts at $1,599 per month, and working with me is best suited for entrepreneurs with big aspirations and a number of years of business experience.

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Because I can only work closely with a small handful of clients at a time, I have to be selective. My client’s should be highly selective too! You need to be ultra certain you’re making a good decision when you retain my services.

If you’re ready to get started, sign up for my risk free Test Drive Consultation to find out:

Test Drive Consultation

In this hour-long consultation you’ll get instant insight into your thinking and your business while experiencing firsthand the enormous insight my work creates. We’ll also figure out whether we’re a good fit for working together on a regular basis.

You can also always drop me an email:

However we communicate, your information is always 100% secure and confidential.

If you’re not quite ready yet, check out my FAQ page or take advantage of the free tips and tactics available in my blog.

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