About Peter

My job is to help you do great things.

This is what I love most about working with entrepreneurs, actually.

They’re savvy-minded forward thinkers, game-changers and creative innovators pushing the envelope. Entrepreneurs are full of drive, determination, stamina, strength, and resilience. They use their meticulous minds and sharp wits every minute of every day. They create their own jobs and live by their own rules, they turn ideas into empires and make an exponential positive impact in the world around them.

These are the people I work with. And my goal is to help these people – people like you – accomplish more great things. Each and every day.

You want to know about me? 

I’m Peter Shallard, the Shrink for Entrepreneurs. As a renowned business psychology expert and therapist gone renegade, I work with all types of entrepreneurs around the globe as these people strive to reach greater goals of wealth, freedom and social impact.

That last one is important. I’m obsessed with the pursuit of for-profit business that simultaneously makes a positive change in the world. Helping entrepreneurs create such businesses is my mission.

Through application of highly effective psychological models, I help entrepreneurs like you master the psychology of reaching their goals of success faster. Better. More effectively, and with more impact and results. Together we’ll:

  • Rapidly re-program mental habits keeping you down and replace behavioural patterns that aren’t useful with highly effective ones
  • Shed light on what’s holding you back by providing insight and helping you make sense of people in new, meaningful ways
  • Create practical, achievable, measurable action steps and strategies that make a big, big difference to your bottom line
  • Implement powerful strategies for getting the best out of the people around you; your team, your investors and even your closest partners.
  • Ignite powerful motivation and consistent drive for long-term stamina so your success grows exponentially

My approach focuses on actionable psychological insight that creates practical, measurable results, making me an ideal choice for the busy entrepreneur who wants to fast-forward success – the kind of person who wants to rapidly leave roadblocks behind and make big things happen quickly.


I worked in clinical therapy for several years, helping people overcome anxiety, depression, addictions… the hard work stuff, the stuff of dark places. But I did well, there were plenty of success stories, and my private practice received many referrals from medical doctors who recognized the value of my services.

I did well until I realized that this wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life.

Most people have difficulties pushing forward in the face of adversity. They need a great deal of motivation and they don’t always have it within themselves. Many times, they don’t really want to change or leave their comfort zone, no matter how unhealthy it is. I found that disheartening. Discouraging, to tell the truth. My job was to help people change and provide them with all the tools they needed to unlock their future, but most never used them.

My breakthrough moment that led me to the field of business psychology and ultimately, entrepreneurs, was the day I consulted with a highly motivated client. In his first consultation, he paid attention to the ideas we discussed, listened to the tools I proposed, took the advice I suggested and went home.

On his second consultation, my client reported his results and said, “Give me more!”

This client just happened to be an entrepreneur.

My life changed. I’ve specialized in working with entrepreneurs and their organizations from that day in 2006, and I’ve worked with thousands of people with astonishing results. Here were driven, motivated entrepreneurs accomplishing big goals, and they recognized that they could use the advice I proposed to create change and achieve even bigger goals. Truly amazing ones.

Performance shot up. Productivity skyrocketed. Profits increased. Motivation hummed. Expectations were met and exceeded, sometimes within just a few consultations.

And because I like the process of helping people create positive change rapidly, it was a match made in heaven. The power of being able to talk with a person and help him or her create entrepreneurial spark and spirit within just a few hours is a wonderful feeling. Working with people who then take what they learn and innovate to apply it to their careers and businesses, creating huge bottom line results… Well, that’s just fantastic, isn’t it?

Let’s be clear about one thing: I’m a business consultant and a therapist, not a psychologist.

I have no issues putting that on the table at all. A psychologist specializes in disorders, emotional disturbances, and behavioral problems. They tell you all the different ways in which you’re broken. What’s wrong with you.

There’s probably nothing wrong with you. If there were, you wouldn’t be where you are today.

So you don’t need that. What you do need is a business consultant skilled in the field of psychology to help you identify your goals, examine what’s not working for you and your career or business, and then explore ways you can think or behave differently to achieve what you do want and what does work. What works very well indeed.

Why not see the results for yourself? Click here to learn how you can work with me to revolutionize your business. Just be sure you’re ready for positive change to start happening quickly!

Peter Shallard
The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

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