How to prevent brain fog, think straight and move forward

We all – us entrepreneurs – want to be “in-the-zone” as much as possible. The term gets thrown around a lot. What does it actually look and feel like?

Crystal clear thinking.

Singular purpose.

Impervious to any distraction.

Excited. Enthusiastic. Passionate.

Like a laser-guided missile homing in on a target.

Like the total alignment of mind, body, spirit and purpose.

The feeling that you’re doing precisely what you’re supposed to be doing – and loving it at the same time.

Sounds good right? I don’t know about you, but as I write this I can practically taste the ZONE!  [click to continue…]

The CA App is coming!

It’s time to come clean and tell you what’s really going on.

There are two parts to this update: The “What” and the “Why”. Let’s start with Why:

I’m really fed up and frustrated.

Productivity Software is utterly broken. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t get results.

Aspiring entrepreneurs are desperate. They’re frantically searching for breakthroughs. Hunting for anything that promises to boost their personal effectiveness.

They wage constant internal battles with themselves, where one part of them has unbelievably huge expectations and ambitions for their success… while the other part just wants to surf Facebook and watch Netflix. They hype themselves up and then beat themselves up… all in the same afternoon!

Meanwhile, their actual business is the refugee caught in the psychological crossfire.  [click to continue…]


Passion is misunderstood.

Entrepreneurs LOVE to be passionate. We don’t consider someone to be truly successful unless they’re making (a ton of) money by following their true love in life.

“Finding your passion” is practically a spiritual quest. What could be more important?

If you’re unfulfilled by your work – or disillusioned by your lack of results – you might just need to find your passion to fix all that! Or so the saying goes.

But what if the search for your passion is insidiously sabotaging your potential as an entrepreneur?

What if Passion is actually crippling your progress, making you stuck and overwhelmed?

Over the last two years, my company Commit Action has conducted over ten thousand one-on-one phone conversations with small business owners and entrepreneurs.

We’ve worked with a professor of Neuroscience at Harvard Medical School. We’ve brought in a professor of Positive Psychology from New York University.

Together, we’ve crunched the numbers of thousands of entrepreneurs to answer this simple one question:
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The staggering lie of so-called Limiting Beliefs

My gears are really grinding on this one. It’s time to put an end to an insidious, toxic and manipulative lie that entrepreneurs are being sold.

The worst part? They’re so brainwashed, they tell THEMSELVES the lie too.

It goes like this:

  1. You’re struggling to get results with whatever it is you’re doing.
  2. You get training, coaching, consulting or you join some mastermind group to fix your stuck-ness.
  3. Eventually, you realize whoever is supposed to be helping you… isn’t. 
  4. They tell you that you have a limiting belief that is preventing you from succeeding.

These four steps are the beginning of an unethical bait and switch. Thousands of desperate-for-help entrepreneurs are being sucked in and no one is saying anything.

Let’s point a floodlight on this and expose the truth.  [click to continue…]

Why epiphanies and breakthroughs are broken

Is there any human desire more universal than the itch to improve ourselves?

The itch is the force behind multi-billion dollar industries in health, fitness, self-help, publishing, medicine and therapy. It’s especially vexing to entrepreneurs, who are the most optimistic of all when it comes to their intentions for the future versus where they are today.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking business bottom line, your love life or your waist size. No business owner can escape it: When there’s a gulf between the results you’re producing now and how you think you should be doing, you’re feeling the tickle. The itch is always there.

For most people, having an epiphany – the feeling of a big breakthrough – is the soothing aloe for the self-improvement itch.

You read books. Ask for advice. Attend workshops. Hire therapists. All to have an “aha” moment so you can finally start doing better.

The problem is: It doesn’t work.  [click to continue…]