How It Works

What I do is very simple.

I provide you with psychological tools, tactical insight, and introspective understanding so you can unlock resources in your mind. This means you can up your game, take it to the next level and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit. It means you’ll create more freedom, more wealth and more impact.

Oh, and more sanity. That’s pretty key if you want that impact, wealth and freedom you’re dreaming of.
“Sanity” means keeping you sharp and creative, completely on top of your game and operating at optimal performance so that you can reach your fantastic goals and enjoy the life you want.

But since talk of sanity tends to make people a little nervous, let me tell you exactly what happens when you work with me. You’ll learn what to expect and what you’ll achieve. None of this is about getting help because you’re crazy.

You’re not crazy. You couldn’t have come this far if you were.

What this is about is helping you achieve the extraordinary. For you, that might mean:

  • …improving your performance or your sales so that your business expands and grows exponentially
  • …figuring out how to scale social impact with commercial success
  • …creating the focus you need to finally take your fantastic ideas and make them reality

Maybe it means kicking your stress, silencing your inner critic, becoming more efficient and productive, or finding new ways to increase your income and work less before you burn out.

It might also mean mastering your inner psychology so you can pitch to investors, manage your key staff and lead with total internal alignment. 

You might even want to connect with your ultimate purpose in life so that your motivation and energy flows effortlessly – so you never have to try to find it. Imagine waking up every day feeling enthusiastic because you know you’re about to do exactly what you love doing.

Imagine finding a business model so meaningful it takes off like a rocket! That’s what the intersection of your life’s purpose and your entrepreneurial career creates.

You’ll learn what’s preventing you from achieving this. You’ll understand how you think, why you think that way. You’ll master rapid behavior change. You’ll develop powerful tools and resources within yourself. Tools you never realized you had and certainly didn’t use effectively, until now.

You’ll discover renewed passion for entrepreneurship, bursts of creativity, increased internal focus and the sharp mind you need to get exactly what you want from your business and life.

Most of all, you’ll figure out how to contribute at a level you never believed possible.

Alright, how does this work?

It’s very easy. Read the Become a Client page or just get in touch with me by contacting me directly. You’ll tell me a little about yourself, your business and what you feel is holding you back right now, and together we’ll determine your desired outcome and the results you’d like to achieve.

Once you get a dialogue going with me, we’ll be ready to start working together and get you moving quickly towards your goals. (I’m not your average consultant; getting you fast results is of the essence.) We’ll establish primary objectives right from the start and set clear, easy-to-reach milestones to help get you there fast.

Wait a second – where’s your office? Don’t you need to do this in person?!

Old-school outdated traditions say that face-to-face consultations are a must. They aren’t. Phone consults, email and even SMS offer entrepreneurs better results. Location independent consultations may sound impossible to the naysayers and sceptics, but voice and text actually serve as extremely effective methods of communication and therapy. These provide you with several key benefits for stronger, faster results:

  • It’s thoughtful. Email is amazing venting tool to get things off your chest and securely sent to your trusted confidante. Many clients finish their emails to me by saying “I already feel better just for writing this!”
  • It’s convenient. You’re an entrepreneur – you travel. Catch up with your shrink poolside, via your iPhone, at an industry conference – or fire off a late night email from the other side of the world so I can read it when I wake up.
  • It’s easy. There’s no need to rush from the office, brave the drive across town or clear two hours from a busy work day. When we’ve got a phone consult scheduled, your therapy couch is wherever you need it.
  • It’s accessible. Imagine those times where you’re confused and you just need a quick opinion from an smart (but objective) outsider. Forget scheduling an extra therapy session in an office – just ping me! I’ll make a note to bring up the topic in our next phone call.

It only makes logical sense to offer you these advantages. The entrepreneurs I work with find my all-digital access fits their busy lifestyle perfectly, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same. Let’s be honest – who has time for weekly sessions in the shrink’s chair?!  This way, you can reach me any time you please, from any time zone and from any place in the world.

You’ll love that I’m right there, holding space for your success, right in your inbox whenever you need. When we have our scheduled phone sessions, you can answer from the office, while walking in the park or wherever!

So what will we do, exactly?

I learn about the goals you have, your frustrations about not being able to reach them, and the obstacles in your way right now. Then I help you understand why this is all happening but more importantly, how to reduce, eliminate and prevent these issues from holding you back.

You’ll get rid of the negative baggage tampering with your entrepreneurial spirit and shed the limiting beliefs that tie you down (they just aren’t useful to you anyways). The result is that you’ll enjoy seriously relieving freedom that sparks your inner fire to succeed. Then we’ll work on getting you moving towards your goals. Fast.

How fast?

Fast. Several of my clients achieve phenomenal insight and understanding within just one or two sessions. Some move on quickly and don’t need me anymore. Some get so addicted to acceleration, they keep me on retainer. Either way, I’m just a facilitator to help you get unstuck and speeding toward to your goals.

People who enjoy working with me are those that don’t like to waste time, who are results-focused, and who feel determined to get the tools they need so they can apply them to their business and see results. My goal is your goal – to get you back to the top of your game in the shortest time possible. I’ll hold higher expectations for your success than perhaps even you will!

So you’re saying one or two sessions is all I need?

Maybe yes – and maybe a little more. It really all depends on you, and how BIG you’re prepared to think.

My consulting packages start at one month. I’ve got a dedicated client roster of entrepreneurs who get enormous value from working with me more or less continuously.

Every person I work with is unique, with unique challenges and unique goals.

What’s important is that you progress towards your goals at your pace. We don’t fool around, because I know you’re a busy person and your time is precious. You need to results as quickly as possible, and my job is to help you create them. (I wouldn’t be a very good shrink if it took me years.)

What if I don’t get there? What if I don’t like this?

There’s no risk. I guarantee my services, because your satisfaction and comfort is important to me. If you feel that you aren’t getting value from our consultations and haven’t received advice that helps you move towards your goals, I’ll refund your first payment in full.

Ah, yes. Payment. Is this going to be expensive?

That depends on whether you believe success is a cost or an investment.

To help you decide the answer, consider this: I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, may who’ve founded enormous fast growth startups. These people live and breathe results and ROI, and that means they calculate every business move they make. If I wasn’t creating exceptional value for them, I wouldn’t be in this line of work. That’s why the definition of ‘expensive’ is relative to your beliefs.

But let me give you some numbers to help you decide. I offer three different consulting packages, and depending on the results you want to achieve, you can expect to invest between $1,199 to $3,000 for one month of professionally “held space” and strategies that accelerate you towards your goals. Since most clients try out their newfound learnings, rave about them and come back for more, I also offer a discount rate for those who choose to work with me for a three-month period.

What’s most important is that when you work with me, you’ll find that the initial investment usually pays for itself in really short order. Because the impact of psychology on your performance and your business activities is HUGE – most of my clients start bringing in new revenue quickly.

Cool. Can I test your services on something small before signing up for a larger package?

You sure can. If you’d like to go for a test drive before selecting a more complete and rewarding package geared towards larger results, then you want my Test Drive Consult. You’ll get rapid insight into your business and psychological obstacles… plus tactics you can action immediately to get away from there and onto better things.

Alright, I’m in. What do I do now?

Want to start right away? Sign up for the Test Drive Consult. That’s the first step for all non-referral new clients. We need to get to know each other. We’ll discuss how you can start getting better results in your business and finding more meaning in your work. I’m confident you’ll rapidly create wealth, freedom and enormous satisfaction as you make a positive impact in the world.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

Peter Shallard
The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

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