avatar"If I had to put a figure on the amount the therapy was worth to me, I would say in the first 12 months probably around $250k. In the following few years, it would be over $1million no problem."

Sean Steele - CEO
NLP Coaching School

avatar"It was fantastic to meet Peter and explain what I wanted. Instantly, I learned there was some "stuff" I had to sort out from a psychological perspective. We sorted that out. Now, knowing I've mastered those basics… I've been able to achieve huge things in business and life."

Russ Thomas - CEO
HIT Recruitment

avatar"Since day one, Peter's been a big part of growing and improving the business. I've seen a vast improvement from the managers whom Peter has worked with one-on-one."

Craig Faulkner - COO
Number 1 Shoes

avatar"We've worked with Peter as a consultant for some time and invited him to keynote at our annual conference. The presentation was excellent. He engaged the audience and transformed abstract principals into solid, practical advice and tips."

Henry Lynch - CEO
DorchesterLife New Zealand

"Working with Peter has been amazing – he's blown me away a few times with his insight and accuracy. Now I have smarter business strategies, more sales and opportunities, better customer satisfaction, and way more freedom."

James Chartrand
Men with Pens

avatar"So I am promising myself (and you, since I paid you to care:) -- no more self-help business books and conferences through 2011.  Yep - I am off the crack (you don't even want to know how many books I have on my kindle of this nature).  Um, and not to stroke your ego too much --but you were the best money I have spent in 11 years with regard to "education" as one might call it."

Donna Von Bruening
DVB Photographers

avatarIt's been an amazing couple of months and we were just reflecting last night that we'd probably be getting ready to wind things up if not for the energy that you have injected into this business since January.

Working with you has been the single best decision we've made in the last 2 years.

We finally have a real studio, a targeted brand with a real point of difference, and guidance from someone who really knows what they're talking about. A big thank you from Chris and I, we couldn't do this without you.

James Miller
The Design Studio For Film

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