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I asked five of my clients from the most unusual industries imaginable to talk about their business, psychology and our work together. Most people think of tech-startups when they hear the word “entrepreneur” and while I work with a lot of those folks, this video examines the significance of psychology for ALL business owners – regardless of industry.

Wealth, Freedom and Impact.

That’s what you want if you’re an entrepreneur. You started your own business because you hated the status quo and didn’t fit the 9-to-5 drone lifestyle.

You wanted more freedom than that.

You’re motivated to succeed because you love the thought of wealth, of never wanting for anything, and all the prestige that goes with your status.

And deep down, you want more. You desire a legacy, to create something bigger than yourself. Something that touches people’s lives and impacts their world.

Problem is, there are obstacles between you and your vision.

You might work your butt off, burn out and have nothing to show for it. You might not be able to make money doing what you love.

Worst of all? You might never really beat the self-sabotage, indecision and procrastination you swear you’ll overcome… any day now…

Deep down, you probably fear that fear itself will derail your best intentions – and prevent you from reaching your goals.

Working with the Shrink for Entrepreneurs is your solution.

Imagine having an expert business consultant on tap, acting as your compass and map that lets you navigate treacherous seas of your entrepreneurial career.

I’ll “hold space”, provide guidance and give you the support you need to change your thinking and behavior in ways that accelerate you toward the golden shores of wealth, freedom and sanity.

That’s where you’ll accomplish something truly worthwhile – big impact and legacy.

I believe we need entrepreneurial leaders to create positive global impact – leaders ready to tackle the challenges we share as a community. I believe entrepreneurs can (and will!) prove that saving our civilization is commercially viable. Accelerating the careers of such entrepreneurs (like you!) with innovative business psychology is MY mission.

But what’s your mission? And are you ready to put it on the fast track to success?

Consultation starts at $999 per month, and working with me is best suited for entrepreneurs with big aspirations and a number of years of business experience.

Because I can only work closely with a small handful of clients at a time, I have to be selective. And I want my clients to be even more selective! You need to be ultra certain you’re making a good decision when you retain my services. If you’re ready to get started, sign up for my absolutely risk free Test Drive session to find out. In this trial hour-long session, you’ll get instant insight into your thinking and your business, while experiencing first hand the enormous value of my work. We’ll also figure out whether we’re a good fit for working together on a regular basis.

You can also always drop me an email: peter (at)

However we communicate, your information is always 100% secure and confidential.

If you’re not quite ready, check out my FAQ page or take advantage of the free tips and tactics available in my blog and free ebook.