The lies you tell yourself to feel good about your goals

by Peter Shallard

Entrepreneurs lie about their goals and productivity

Goals are everything for entrepreneurs.  An entrepreneur is practically defined as someone who imagines something that doesn’t exist, then makes it real.

Achieving goals is the ultimate win. Psychologically, is there anything more important?

Most business owners wallow in a cesspit of fallacy, when it comes to their own goals. I’ve bee writing all week about procrastination, but today we’re looking at the psychological source. These lies are why it happens.

Brace yourself for a hard-hitting list of lies, with shattering revelations to follow. 

1 You’re too busy

That big goal you have is getting procrastinated on, because you’re too busy responding to the urgent demands made upon you by others, your business and life itself. Lie. You’re afraid of what would happen if you prioritized your big goal and threw yourself into it 100%.

2 You need that other person’s opinion before you can move forward

This project requires some big decisions and you better check them off against your spouse/business-partner/mastermind group. Lie. Deep down, you know the truth about your thing better than anyone else. You know what decision you want to make, and you know what’s “right”. Just do it.

3 Everyone needs you, that’s why you’re so busy

Your family, your friends, your staff… whoever. They all need your help. How are they expected to do the things they need to do or get the places they need to go without you? Lies. People are much more capable than you realize. Your care-taking is encouraging a state of learned helplessness.

4. This is too hard 

The goal you have is overwhelming and you don’t think you can make it. Lie. Sitting there thinking about it but doing nothing… is overwhelming. You won’t make it if you continue your present inaction. Overwhelm and difficult are reduced by forward motion.

5. You don’t know what to do

You’ve arrived at the place where you’re starting to let yourself believe you’re literally too “stupid” to know what to do next. Lie. You’re a smart person. You know what to do, but you’ve run out of “safe” options and are only left with scary ones. This is what happens right before a big breakthrough – shit is about to get real.

You should know… 

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Conor Neill October 6, 2012 at 1:09 pm

My big one, at least the excuse that my little inner voice hits me with is “Who are you to think you can achieve that?”… Great post.


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