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An extremely important announcement

This is one of those rare and personal here-is-what-I’ve-been-doing-behind-the-scenes posts. If you’re looking for business psychology tactics and strategies, you won’t find them in this article but check out any of these.

What you will find, if you keep reading, is the most thrilling thing to happen at Shrink for Entrepreneurs HQ in a long time. Plus, you’ll get a chance to win seriously cool free stuff. Not lame info products either – I’m giving away some ultra valuable services this week. 

My war on procrastination

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve created a startup called Commit Action. The elevator pitch? It’s personal training for productivity. 

At Commit Action, we pair technology and human-powered coaching to kill procrastination dead. It’s a monthly service that automates the psychological factors that defeat procrastination – baking them into your life and business.

We’ve been up and running for a year and signed on hundreds of entrepreneurs as clients. The testimonials have been phenomenal – it really works.

In fact, Commit Action has worked so well that it’s got some pretty serious attention. Which brings me to my big announcement…

I’ve signed on my first formal advisory board member for Commit Action. 

Srini Pillay MD is an internationally renowned neuroscience expert. He’s also the assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, CEO of Neurobusiness Group and invited faculty member of Harvard Business School.

Srini is joining the advisory board of Commit Action to advise on the development of our software AND coaching technology. He’s bringing cutting edge neuroscience to the table, augmenting what we know about procrastination and the human condition with hard science.

The relationship is just getting started and the team and I can barely contain our excitement for the things we’ll be doing with Srini in the future.

For now though, we’ve cooking up something you’ll want to know about. Cue the second announcement:

The Four Pillars of Productivity are yours for the taking!

I’ve been fighting the war on procrastination my entire adult life. It’s a subject my clients and I constantly circle back to in our sessions. I built a whole new company, distilling what I’ve learned about beating procrastination and delivering it via super low cost coaching.

Which is all to say, I know a thing or two about beating procrastination. It’s the foundation I created Commit Action on. It’s the basis of the software we build and the training we give our coaches.

So I realized I should be sharing the backbone of what I know… with you.

I’ve penned a series of emails detailing the four pillars of productivity, breaking down each one systematically, showing you how to forge these pillars in your life.

It’s free material you can use to single handedly defeat procrastination on your own, should you so choose.

And, I’ve tapped Dr Pillay on the shoulder to add his expertise – his neuroscience insight is baked into the series.

If you’ve ever struggled with procrastination, there is nothing to lose and the solution has arrived: Go check out what I believe is my greatest content ever over at

The even better news: How would you like a free personal productivity coach for a month?

Or, how about you and I grab an hour on the phone to discuss your business?

To celebrate the launch of our cool new 4 pillars email series, I’m going to run a competition. I want people to find out about what we’re doing there – I want entrepreneurs to be reading and implementing these four pillars of productivity.

So, I’d love for you to share Commit Action with your friends and followers.

I’m going to give away six free, month long, memberships to the Commit Action coaching service. That means you’ll have your personal productivity ninja phone you each week to coach you through our Commit Action system.

The Commit Action methodology is, hand’s down, the best way to create an instant and massive boost in your productivity.

Your coach will clarify your to-do list into achievable commitments, then hold you accountable to getting huge stuff done over the month. They’ll measure your progress, forcing you to the next level of self-transparency. They’ll even keep an eye on your work life balance.

Plus, you’ll get access to the monthly webinar we do for CA members, AND you’ll get to use the Ask-Peter-Anything Q&A if you need strategic assistant when setting your weekly tasks.

For six lucky readers of this blog, procrastination is about to become a thing of the past.

Here’s what you need to do…

Just send out a tweet to promote Commit Action to your followers. To do this, just click this text right here:

Click here —> The Shrink for Entrepreneurs is killing procrastination with neuroscience Get in on this #CommitAction  <— Click here

Or you can tweet your own variation, but be sure to include the hashtag #CommitAction.

A tweet will get your name in the hat. Sharing on Facebook will earn your name in the hat, again. Sharing Commit Action on your blog? Hell, I’ll throw your name in twice more.

So in total, the social media savvy reader can have four chances to win. The first person we draw will get a free one hour consult, one-on-one with me. This’ll be the second time ever that I’ve given that way.

All six winners will get a free Commit Action membership for a month.

Competition closes Monday August 12th.

Click here to send the tweet and automatically enter the competition.

I’m really proud of the material we’ve created for you over at Commit Action. Check it out –  I think you’ll find it profoundly useful and I really appreciate you sharing it if you’re so inclined.

This is just the beginning – we have huge things coming in the near future. Stay tuned.

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