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Announcement – Make 2013 the best year yet

Welcome to 2013 everyone!

For all that I post about counter-intuitively avoiding New Year’s resolutions and other cliches of the season, I actually love New Year’s eve. The optimist in me is seduced by the idea that I can turn over a new leaf. I suspect I’m not alone.

In the past, I’ve avoided doing massive “How to set yourself up for the New Year” tutorials, wanting to avoid a cheesy “me too” post. However, in 2012 I built a platform dedicated to precisely that: Planning, goal setting and taking meaningful action.

That’s why today, I’m not going to post a 2013 guide. I’m just going to tell you about the whole series of extra special events we have planned over at the Commit Action program!  

For those of you who are new, let me explain. For veteran readers, skim down to the good stuff!

Commit Action is the phenomenal accountability coaching program I built for entrepreneurs. It pairs you with a rigorously trained, expert coach who takes a mini (phone) meeting with you each and every week.

Your coach is trained to hold you accountable to a philosophy and system: Commit Action revolves around setting three significant commitments each week. It tracks and measures your follow-through and action over time – measuring your commitment to your business goals.

The whole system was designed to psychologically eliminate the factors that lead small business owners to procrastinate. And it works. Six months in and hundreds of happy customers later, we know that the Commit Action process is super powerful.

Commit Action kills procrastination dead. There is literally nothing else like it. And the best part is, it’s really really affordable.

The Good Stuff

In addition to the weekly coaching call Commit Action members receive, we also do a Q&A video (think “ask-Peter-anything”) for those times when you’re not sure certain about what you should be putting on your to-do list next.

We also do a monthly webinar, which is where I get free reign to deep dive into my favorite psychological and introspective topics – that supercharge your entrepreneurial prowess and success.

For the month of January, to ring in the New Year as smart and savvy entrepreneurs, we’re doing a whole series of extra webinars. Here’s the plan:

Answering the number one question I’m constantly asked: “How do I find my purpose in life/business?!” 

Thursday 10th – 4pm Eastern Time

Every week I get countless emails and Clarity Couch applications where people beg for the answer to this age old dilemma. If you know you want to be an entrepreneur but suspect what you’re working on right now isn’t quite the right fit

(hint: if you struggle with motivation, this could be you!!!)

… Then this webinar is for you. I will break down the system I use to coach my extraordinary personal clients. It turns their abstract thoughts and impulses into rock solid business plans that ignite their motivation.

The Shrink’s patented annual planning/goal setting system 

Thursday 17th – 4pm Eastern Time

Every New Year I set down and set myself goals, utilizing a psychological system that makes them practically achieve themselves. I’m going to go deep with you on precisely how to do that, giving you all the templates, questions-to-ask-yourself and more. You’ll walk away with a complete plan and the rock solid certainty you need to make huge things happen in 2013.

HUGE BONUS: It’s January and I don’t mind admitting that the Commit Action community is a small (but growing) group. This means that the webinars listed above won’t really be webinars – there won’t be a thousand people passively listening to me rant and walk through slides.

These webinars are masterclasses – you savvy? 

Since just a handful of folks will show up for the live event, we’ll be able to deep dive into your business, answering YOUR questions and live workshopping solutions that fit your unique situation.

I fully anticipate each event following a masterclass format, where members will have the opportunity to raise their hands and (anonymously if you desire) join me on the virtual stage for live and in-person consulting.

And if you can’t make the times listed, you can always catch the recording (posted only on the Commit Action members area) at your leisure.

If that’s not enough, don’t forget that while you have a Commit Action membership, you can enjoy the privilege of the Q&A system, where simply submitting a question on via the special form will result in me sitting down, wherever I am, to record a video response detailing a solution to your dilemma.

Time for me to level with you 

In 2012, I kinda built Commit Action on a whim. I had an idea for a system that I suspected might beat entrepreneurial procrastination. So I bootstrapped that solution, launched it to a tiny group and the rest is history.

This year, is Commit Action’s year. We tested it conservatively and now know that it works. That it’s powerful. 2013, for me, is about taking Commit Action to the next level.

The reason we’re throwing down these masterclass bonuses in January is to drive sales. I believe that a Commit Action membership is hands down the best way to make your 2013 twice as successful as 2012. And I want other people to see that this is true.

To do that, I need you to try it.

So get in on Commit Action for one month. If you hate it (you won’t) you can always unsubscribe. But if it makes procrastination a thing of the past? Run with it and take your entrepreneurial exploits to the next level this year.

In addition to all the bonuses, I’m going to sweeten the deal even more. Between now and our first webinar-masterclass, Commit Action is half price. Back in October we raised the price to $197 per month, but it’s going down to $97 to entice you to join.

If you join Commit Action in the next ten days you lock in a lifetime membership at half price, get to participate in bonus masterclasses and more. This is the only place in the world you’ll get this level of coaching and accountability, for less than the price of a daily latte at Starbucks.

(Note: the button on the page reflects the old price – two lattes per day – but if you click it you’ll get the discount at Paypal)

You think a daily caffeine hit makes you productive? Try Commit Action – it’ll blow your mind.

Click here to get it.

PS If you’ve got questions about any of this before you sign up, I’ll answer them in the comments below…

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