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Announcement: The Shrink for Entrepreneurs is hiring

As of July 2013, this position has been filled. Thanks so much for your interest and hope to see you around the blog!


You read it right. This is a job advertisement.

Of course it isn’t for you. You’re one of those kicks-ass-and-takes-no-names entrepreneurs. You’re proudly unemployable. However, this may be a job you can connect someone to in a suave and sexy networking master move that wins you a loyal friend for life.

What I’m saying is: If you’re a regular reader here, I know you don’t want to come work at Biz-Shrink HQ. But you might know someone who wants the job, and you can be the person to make their life amazing simply by sharing this announcement with them. I’d really appreciate you sharing this post and I know that someone you know will love you for it too.   

We’re having to say good bye to our main man Joe Antenucci, who has been fiendishly poached by the good folks at Enstitute – they’re offering him some kind of ridiculous “following his dreams of revolutionizing the world of education” opportunity that I can’t even come close to competing with. So congrats to Joe – perhaps the greatest complement I can offer is to say: I knew this would happen.

So, we have a vacancy. At the Shrink for Entrepreneurs, we need a chief of machine-oiling – someone to ensure the smooth system that delivers one-to-one consults to entrepreneurs around the globe continues uninterrupted.

The second half of the role is basically the head of everything over at Commit Action – where we’re essentially building a startup of epic proportions and waging a global war on procrastination. No big deal. (You should check it out if you’re an applicant.)

The great thing about this position is that it offers phenomenal opportunity for someone who wants to study the bleeding edge of business (especially the internet kind) from the inside out.

The successful applicant will be initiated into the following arcane secrets…

You will learn:

  • Ninja high level networking strategies (see and be a part of them being utilized in real time)
  • Cutting edge PR tactics and internet marketing strategies
  • To understand, optimize, manage and grow sophisticated customer acquisition funnels
  • To have weekly interactions with famous and successful business owners
  • How to plan, design and develop cutting edge iOS and web-app software (*cough* can’t say more right now)
  • Logistics and organization of a globally deployed team
  • Anything you can think of asking me, as you’ll be working as my right hand in every way

This list is just a taster of the types of experiences that’ll unfold for you if you win this position. Sound cool? Here’s what I’m looking for:

I’m on the hunt for a trusted assistant to handle the details of The Shrink for Entrepreneurs and Commit Action businesses, to ensure they run as smoothly as possible, freeing up my time to focus on growth and customer acquisition.

But that’s not all. As my assistant, you will also be tasked with project management tasks and responsibility for those initiatives I launch with the time you created. A great example? Last year we built a company from scratch that now employees a globally dispersed team of coaches and is waging a war on procrastination. It’s getting bigger, and it’s just getting started.

Here are my absolute mandatory requirements for the position. You MUST:

  • Have an exceptional command of spoken and written English: You will be liaising with individuals of significant status and stature.
  • Be highly organized and diligent: Each week you will be responsible for cajoling the world’s busiest people into a tight consulting schedule.
  • Be smart and take initiative: This is a job where you can create, if you’re up for it.  An entrepreneurial attitude and the ability to spot opportunities on your own is a must.
  • Play well with others: The days of The Shrink for Entrepreneurs being a lonely solopreneur are gone – we’re now a growing team. You’ll be right in the thick of it.
  • Be super conscientious and detail focus: This is kinda restating the “organized and diligent” but that’s because it’s so important. This is job is about handling details.
  • Be self motivated and responsible: You will not be micro-managed, or in fact managed at all. If you can’t self-manage and keep yourself on track, do not apply.
  • Be computer savvy in the basic sense: You need to know your way around a computer environment very comfortably – no specific software requirements but a fast typing speed and the confidence that no new software will massively daunt you (given a chance to play with it) is crucial.
  • Have a great attitude: You need to be a winner. I’m looking for an extroverted, go-getting, creative, positive and motivated individual for whom taking this job is a win-win – who wants to learn, make a difference and create a future for themselves as an essential node in the team.

Here are some things that would be super amazing if they happened to be on your resume, but are not hard requirements:

  • You have experience with WordPress blog software
  • You have coding/programming experience with WordPress, php or html
  • You have worked as a personal or executive assistant in the past
  • You have a track record in internet marketing, social media or blogging
  • You have graphic design and/or photoshop skills
  • You are based in New York City or the tri-state area

The position is “location independent” (although as above, being near me helps but isn’t mandatory) and will start as part time only (10-20 hours per week) contractor position. It potentially expand to a full time salaried position based on your long term results and ability to grow with the company. Compensation to be determined by your skill set.

Applicants must complete the following questionnaire (click here to start) and send a resume to – use “The Shrink for Entrepreneurs is hiring” as your subject line or we’ll lose your email. There are no rules or wrong answers for job applications – your creative cover letter, youtube submission, song and dance number or whatever else are not only appreciated but will result in favorable consideration.

I want to hire someone who thinks for themselves. Can’t wait to hear from you!


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  1. OMG…if I were not one of those kicks-ass-and-takes-no-names entrepreneurs I would be so on a bus and working in New York RIGHT NOW!! Sounds like great fun. And.. I would be the perfect candidate!! I for sure will re-post this for you! and I am just a little jealous of whomever gets the position! Good luck in your search!

  2. Joe is leaving? Awww, noooo!!! Congratulations Joe, it’s an awesome opportunity and you totally deserve it. Good luck Peter, finding another Joe!

  3. Congratulations to Joe! Only exchanged a few emails with him when I was in Commit Action but he never failed to make me feel welcome.

    Hope you find someone as good, Peter. With the collective sharing of so many of your readers, I’m sure you’ll be getting tons of applications 🙂

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