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Bad news and good news about how to succeed as an entrepreneur

Bad news and good news about how to succeed as an entrepreneur

The bad news…

… is that making Good Decisions is the only way that entrepreneurial success happens. 

Things like product-market-fit, the right timing, great investors/mentors, assembling a phenomenal team and access to capital all matter, too. But these are all downstream consequences of Good Decisions being made by the entrepreneur. 

It’s all on you. 

The only way to make Good Decisions is to have the experience to know good from bad. This is why entrepreneurs become serially-successful. The more you know, the easier it gets. The rich tend to get richer. Success begets success. 

The good news…

… is that making Bad Decisions creates experience. Making Bad Decisions often creates the best kind of experience. Because entrepreneurs learn better when they have scars to serve as reminders. 

Bad Decisions – executed with conviction – create experience.

Experience trains you to make Good Decisions.

Good Decisions lead you to success. 

This means that the door to entrepreneur success is still wide open… For anyone willing to find the courage to execute on their Bad Decisions. And for anyone with the tenacity to keep pushing through that uncomfortable “experience” part. 

The good news is that the opportunity hasn’t gone way. The even better news is that fear, perfectionism and most people’s inability to focus… is keeping the playing field relatively empty. 

One in three Americans dream of starting their own company. But only a tiny fraction of those have what it takes to act on their bad ideas such that they find their way to a good one. 


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  1. I like this article and good advice and wisdom. I am just starting to gain those experiences from the wrong ways that I have tried to create a business. Also just in life the fear of failure or wrong ways as Edison put keeps you from getting the experience that you need to make good decisions. I like the part about the relatively empty playing field, that just the effort to start will make you stand above so many.
    Keep up the great work, as my little part I will play in your life story, honored to play the part. Sonder.

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