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Desires vs Goals and how to guarantee they get fulfilled

Imagine setting goals that you move inexorably towards. Imagine effortlessly translating desires into real results.

This is what makes “The Secret” so sexy.

Serious entrepreneurs know that goals don’t just achieve themselves. You have to take action. But what if there was a way to add some magic to the mix – to make certain goals draw you toward themselves, like gravity.

Our neurological wiring ensures some goals stick and get done, while other desires are continually redefined and quickly forgotten. If you want to find out what’ll make your goals the sticky ones, read on… 

Problem: Your brain is juggling too many balls

You keep throwing those balls at your brain, assuming it’ll catch them. It does, but for every one it catches it has to drop another.

This mental overload effect is present everywhere. Try to memorize a grocery store list? You’ll start forgetting after item six or seven. Try to focus on everything you can see, hear and feel in the room right now? There’s so much going on around us all the time, humans can only focus on five to seven things at a time.

Our brains run sophisticated programs to filter out the noise of existence. There’s so much we could be focusing on, we’ve had to develop very powerful filters. These filters selectively tune out the vast and infinite information/experience out there. They give us a spotlight of focus.

Our filters let us pay attention to what we think matters.

When we set goals, our unconscious mind suffers from this same overload. The filtering is a problem too.

Think about the number of desires you have in an average week, or even mere day! These are the moments where you long for something, where you fantasize about getting something you don’t have right now (pizza?) or where you contemplate what it would be like if <insert dream here>.

Your desires and most of your goals are nothing but noise. Your unconscious mind cannot determine which of your desires matter. 

The unconscious mind is desperately trying to make sense of the ceaseless spew of wants you hurl at it. It knows not all of the desires matter and it knows some are downright destructive.

In other words, your unconscious mind is choosing which of your desires are best for you. Having judged, it’ll then dispense valuable intuitive resources in support of those goals. It’ll marshal powerful skills from deep within your psyche, while simultaneously having you notice the (previously invisible) synchronicity of coincidence that support your goal. In other words, your unconscious can make luck happen!

Are you telling your unconscious mind which of your goals matter?

Informing your unconscious of your priorities isn’t as easy as it looks. Simply meditating and visualizing on your business goals doesn’t help – think how much time you spend focusing on your desire for sex, food or some other short term want.

Getting the message through to your unconscious is literally the secret to creating any future you desire. If you subscribe to the idea (and power) of The Collective Unconscious, you’ll understand this.

One of the most powerful techniques I use with clients cuts through the noise.

It’s a strategy for setting goals that ensures that your unconscious mind sits up and pays attention. It guarantees that those unconscious resources within you are deployed immediately, and it means your external awareness will be focusing and noticing… picking up on what matters. You’ll meet people who can help you in bizarrely unexpected ways. Things will just seem to flow.

Most of all, this technique destroys self sabotage before it even begins. It ensures that your motivation never runs dry, that you’ll pursue your objective with unswerving vigor.

This, in other words, is one of the big guns.

It’s not something I can just write about. It’s something we need to talk about. It’s something we need to deep dive into.

That’s why, on Thursday, I’ll be running a free webinar for readers of this blog. It’s only available for those who are going to come and play, live. There will be no recording – this is just for those who want to get stuck into this, ask questions and learn and apply something that will permanently change the game. 

Does that sound like you? Join me…

Free Webinar: How to set goals that achieve themselves

When: Thursday 3pm Eastern Time 

Click here now to register. You must register to join the free webinar.

Doing a free webinar is a first for me and it may not be something I do again. This is going to be one of things you’ll regret missing.

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