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Front line stories from the War on Procrastination

The War on Procrastination has begun.

As The Shrink for Entrepreneurs, my career has revolved around a single epiphany: That entrepreneurs make a difference.

These days, with a zombie apocalypse never far from our minds, the world seems to be careening in a scary direction. We might be able to save ourselves, but it’s going to require huge breakthroughs. The breakthroughs we need are coming (and have historically come from) the super-savvy free thinkers, the unashamedly ambitious, the deliberately optimistic… the entrepreneurs. Where politics fail us, entrepreneurship gives us hope.

I’m on a mission to remove the barriers that prevent entrepreneurs stepping up to their life’s work. That’s why I’ve declared war on Procrastination.

If you’re an entrepreneur, procrastination is your enemy. Fear is its ammunition. Paralysis is its goal. 

I’ve spent the last six month’s building the ultimate weapon. My goal was to help entrepreneurs pull the trigger on procrastination – then bury it dead. My project, Commit Action, is winning the war. And it’s just getting started.

Today, I’m sharing with you some real world accounts from entrepreneurs, firmly planted in the trenches, doing inspiring stuff. These incredible people have returned from the front line with trophies they’ve won by committing action.


“When I signed up to this I thought “Man, I don’t have a problem with productivity”… but I’ve learned that’s completely besides point. The power of having accountability, of having someone hold you to high levels of performance, is incredible. 

It’s not about how productive I am in general, it’s about WHAT I’m working on. Commit Action forces me to ignore all the piddly little shit and makes me focus on doing the work that really matters. It makes me do what’ll take me from A to B as fast as possible.”  

Adam King: Check out (and leave a comment on) his Commit Action profile here


“Starting out with Commit Action, I actually wasn’t always succeeding. I didn’t get everything done – I didn’t follow through on all my commitments. I’ve been committing, with my coach, to pretty important stuff. But none of it was HUGE or time-consuming. 

For me, the power of commit action is when I get to the end of the week and I *haven’t* done something. Then I have to look at why that’s happened. I’m forced to ask myself why I wasn’t able to follow through… and that inquiry has been very, very important. 

I’ve learned that there’s nothing about my circumstances I can blame. Commit Action gets under all the excuses and makes me say “Come ON!”. It’s a real education in just how much I over estimate my capacity and the demands on my time. 

Commit Action has made me realize I used to lie to myself about what, and how much, I do. 

It really pisses me off, but in the best way. It’s a useful, empowering kind of frustration!”  

Dr Cory Annis: Check out (and leave a comment on) her Commit Action profile here


“Commit Action kicked my ass to get a project back up and running after six months of complete inaction. 

I had stopped working on it because the project got too big in my mind. I shoved it aside because it was too huge and scary. It wasn’t lack of resources or skills. It definitely wasn’t lack of time either. It was ALL me. 

Since beginning Commit Action two weeks ago, I have entirely revisited the project from A to Z. I’ve improved it and it’s nearly ready to ship. What would have taken me another six months will now be complete in less than four weeks.” 

James Chartrand: Check out (and leave a comment on) her Commit Action profile here


Commit Action is the sum of everything I know, as the entrepreneurial shrink, about increasing productivity. It’s a service that reaches out to you and elevates you to a higher level of accountability.

It makes you follow through. You’ll do all the things you’ve been telling yourself you should. 

Commit Action pairs you with a shrink-for-entrepreneurs trained coach who holds you accountable to the Commit Action productivity philosophy. The system tracks your commitment – building a profile that tracks how much stuff  you get done. All these tools, plus the strategy sessions and Q&A’s I do, are proven psychological tools to boost your productivity.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who believes you have something important to offer the world, please have a look at Commit Action.

Can you make an impact on the world? If yes, then…

We need you to declare war on procrastination too. Do it here.

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  1. My motto used to be “procrastination is the key to tomorrow.” One way that I use to get over procrastination is to take advantage of the Zeigarnik Effect. Have you ever started something, and then were interrupted, and while paying attention to the thing which interrupted you, can’t keep the original task from rattling around in your brain? It’s the Zeigarnik Effect.

    Because we hate to start tasks which we can’t finish, we procrastinate until we can come up with the most complete plan possible – at least, that’s what we tell ourself. To defeat your Monkey Brain, which loves procrastination, you have to start somewhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s the beginning, middle, or near the end, just start. Once you’ve started, the Zeigarnik Effect will take over and drive you finish.

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