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The most neglected entrepreneurial skill

Today we have a departure from regularly scheduled programming. James Chartrand, my good friend and co-conspirator, is here to tell us all about this neglected skill. This is recommended reading for every entrepreneur who wants the missing piece of the puzzle. 

The missing piece is writing. James will show you how to write Damn Fine Words – that make you money, build your brand and accelerate your success. She’s also making this offer go away at midnight tonight, so you should check it out IMMEDIATELY. This is an affiliate link and people who sign up for DFW through it will get a free consult with me. Email for details. 

Enter James… 

You want success; we all do. It’s the ultimate entrepreneurial goal, for everyone from the self-employed to CEOs. And this goal is perfectly within your reach (even if you think it isn’t).

Grab an idea. Build a business. Become a leader. Create like an artist. Brainstorm like a genius. And find whatever it is that people want, and you have success in the palm of your hand.

It’s that easy.

And yet…

There’s a crucial skill that can jolt your ambitions into powerhouse impact. You already have it in you – but unfortunately, you’re most likely neglecting it. Forgetting about it. You may not even be aware of it or worse, you just don’t think this skill is important.

It is. Ignore this skill and you’ll work harder than the competition, struggle longer to get your business off the ground and probably never reach your entrepreneurial dreams.

You’ve left money on the table. Turned your back on bigger profits and a more lucrative lifestyle. Shackled your success – and built your own roadblocks.

In fact, you’re just about done. And if your business is an online one, you’re finished.

What is this crucial skill? What could you be doing right now that would jumpstart your success? What should you be nurturing as the heart and soul of your entrepreneurial dreams?


Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Copywriting skills are crucial to business success – even if you’re not a writer by trade. Even if you run a real estate business or a consulting venture or a knitted-baby-hats boutique.

Because without copywriting skills, the only way you can reach your target market is through your voice. And that means you’re shutting out a world of potential clients.

Most entrepreneurs are absolutely ignorant of this fact. They never think of copywriting skills as being integral to their success. They think that to be successful, you need a great product or a fantastic service.

But if you can’t tell people about it, you’re close to doomed.

Think about it: The knitter creating those baby hats? She needs fliers to post around town telling people about her wares. And that means she needs a great headline, compelling content and a clear call to action.

The real estate agent? He’s losing valuable sales commissions because his property descriptions are just as generic and boring as the next guy’s. (2 bedrooms, bath and kitchen, anyone?)

The consultant? She needs to pitch her services, either by brochure or by blog. She needs a website and web copy. And if she can’t email her clients in a clear, concise way… well.

There are definitely other consultants who can.

See what I mean? Copywriting skills are your key to success – even if you’ll only ever write for your own business, clients and customers.

Ask Peter: He hustled around New Zealand and Australia for years, doing just fine, thank you very much.

Now ask him what writing has done for him.

Peter’s website opened up vast boarders for his business – and quickly, too. Instead of pounding the pavement to pitch boardroom executives, he widened his reach in an instant, offering  his consulting services to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

He generated a five-figure income in less than 3 months of launching his virtual venture.

And today?  Peter has moved to New York and lives very well indeed. He travels anywhere he wants, for business and pleasure. He doesn’t hustle anymore or wait for companies to take decisions… he has a waiting list packed with demand and clients who rave about his services.

Oh, and Peter’s networking potential? It’s amazing: He hooks up daily with fantastic people he never would have met had it not been for his emails, his web copy, and his ebooks.

The sky’s the limit. All from great copywriting skills.

Before you get jealous of Peter’s lifestyle, know this: You could enjoy the same sort of success. You already have the foundation of copywriting skills inside you. This valuable, game-changing skill is just one step away.

Even if you’ve never taken a copywriting course in your life. Even if copywriting seems so far from your experience that it’s almost laughable. Make a commitment to pay attention to these skills, to cultivate and nurture them, and you could start profiting immediately.

How do I know you can do this? Easy: You already know how to write. Almost everyone does.

You may not know the techniques of crafting words that get results, because you’ve never learned. You might not know how to persuade and convince your prospects yet, but you can get training easily. Your sales skills are practically pleading to be let out from the rusty darkness.

Whip them into shape and start churning out dollars like a shining, well-oiled cash machine.

Or ignore them… as most people do. I see this neglect all the time – especially in entrepreneurs and small-business owners.

They leap out of bed each the morning to have a quick, hot shower and shimmy into snazzy clothing. They hit the street, driven and determined. They’re going to make money. Sales. Deals.

So they hit the office and their day begins. They have important phone calls with even more important executives. They have covert meetings with business partners and enterprising venture owners to work on deals.

They leave their copywriting potential on the table. They neglect an ultra-powerful business tool.

Imagine being able to write a killer email that convinced the company to hire you – in just a paragraph or two or persuading potential clients through your web copy alone or creating specialized services that let you instruct, teach or consult from anywhere in the world.

Anywhere in the world. Even the island resort you’ve just escaped to for an impromtu vacation.

Imagine opening your email each day and hearing, “Yes, I absolutely want to take you up on that offer.” Or, “That proposal sounds brilliant. When can we get started?” Or, “This is fantastic. Let me run it by the CEO but I’m convinced he’ll love it.”

Instantaneous influence. Persuasive power. Compelling engagement. Through words alone.

So if you believe in your dreams, your entrepreneurial spirit and the business you bring to your clients and customers, pull those rusty writing skills out of the dark closet. Get them in the sunlight.

Get some training. Practice the techniques. Work on your skills. Learn how to sell in the written medium.

Then use them. And watch the results roll in.


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  1. Don’t want to sound like a raving fan – But as a ‘creative’ words used to annoy me. I found it hard to string anything together that sounded credible – I’d hit delete more often than the full stop key!
    I did the DFW course.
    And one of the techniques I learnt, I now apply to – well – just about everything – writing, emails, strategies and even conversations!
    It’s been a business breakthough for me.
    Don’t think twice about whether you will use what you learn and if that will pay off.
    It’s a ‘Hell yeah! Big time! from me.

  2. Is it just me or are you not seeing a great example of copyrighting skills in front of you!? Copywriter is words and phrasing to make you want more! Its sales on paper……

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