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This video changes everything – your life and your business

This video changes everything – your life and your business

I rarely find videos relevant and interesting enough to share with you. This one however, is out of this world.

Click to read the rest of this entry – you’ll enjoy a severe shake up of your world view:

This video was originally designed for entry into a “presentation award” competition.

The folks behind it are Jeff Brenman, karl Finch and Scott McLeod.

What do you think the answer to the final question is?

To be honest, viewing this leaves me feeling positive anticipation and gratitude for being alive to witness all this… mixed with more than a little despair. I’m not going to explain WHY I feel despair (why would that reasoning be worth knowing?)…

I want to know your perspective – reply in the comment section below


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  1. Hi Peter,

    This is a very cool video, saw it at an IM function few months ago maybe? and you’re right soooo eye opening! It’s great you actually know who was behind it, creators etc, I was curious myself. Finger on the pulse as always Peter!! We both see you’re doing some fabulous work everywhere, that’s so inspiring, keep it up!! Take care, would love to hear you speak next week in New Zealand??!!

    Karen & Bonny

  2. Hi K&B,

    Great to hear from you as always! Next week’s event is a closed, corporate gig. I will be videoing my presentation though… clips will appear on this site.

    Don’t be surprised if I come knocking next week!

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