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Why the world’s greatest coaching sales strategy isn’t working for me anymore

Why the world’s greatest coaching sales strategy isn’t working for me anymore

This is an “inner-workings-of-my-business” announcement. If you’ve ever wanted to work with me, you’ll want to read to the bottom. Regular content coming soon.

Two years ago, I announced that I would be recording free consultations (aka “The Clarity Couch”) for people who were brave – and committed enough – to fill out a pretty darn detailed questionnaire.

I love doing one-on-one consulting, even though it won’t turn into an empire… ever. And I love the Clarity Couch, because it feels good to be able to give so wholeheartedly.

It’s kept me plugged into my community in a very real way, and half the posts you read on this blog are inspired by true problems presented to me by real people via the Clarity Couch questionnaire. But it’s time for it to be retired…

The Clarity Couch was  fantastic for business. So long as I maintained my mojo, my audio reports would convert strangers into clients at a rate of about 1 to 5. Seasoned salespeople will drool over that ratio.

But there’s no automated, optimized scalability. That’s what makes the Clarity Couch so damn valuable.

And that’s why it’s time to retire it.

The problem is painfully obvious: the Clarity Couch is completely unsustainable. It’s become a victim of its own success. Things have gotten so busy over at the Shrink for Entrepreneurs HQ that I’m simply unable to keep up with demand for this fantastic free service.

It’s also Commit Action’s fault. We have huge, awesome plans brewing over there and I’m increasingly aware that I am the CEO of a growing start-up that demands my time… while trying to be the friendly neighborhood Biz Shrink you know and love.

Right now, today, there are 40 yet-to-be-replied-to Clarity Couch questionnaires waiting for me. Each one takes twenty minutes to record, and when you add in that I write a personal email to go along with it, that’s well over 20 straight hours just to get caught up…. and they keep coming and coming.

Full confession: Someone recently emailed me to tell me how ironic it was that their Clarity Couch report was yet again delayed. They’d been inspired to get in touch because they’d heard I was an expert in productivity and follow-through of commitments.


I am – and I’m also human.

The final nail in the Clarity Couch coffin is the fact that I sometimes fight not to resent the time I spend in futile attempts to catch up on the wait list for this free service. I do my best, but new requests keep coming in, and it never seems enough. It’s rewarding to give… but eventually the giving has to stop.

I’m starting to suspect that this time is also getting in between me and writing material for this blog. Which means you – yes, YOU – are missing out!

So I’m retiring the Clarity Couch, but that brings us to the next question: What to do instead?

There are a couple of values I’ve long held close to my identity that I’m not willing to compromise on:

  1. I won’t create a totally automated sales funnel using cutting edge “email marketing tactics”. That stuff works, and I love it for other projects, but it’s not appropriate for my client demographic or the nature of what I do.
  2. I want to be able to give people a chance to test drive my business psychology consultation services before making a big commitment to a monthly retainer.
  3. I want it to be personal and beautifully non-scalable. I’m not asking myself, “How can I spend more time lounging by the pool?” I want to find a way to be more connected than ever to prospective clients, in a healthy, sustainable way.

It’s time to experiment.

I’m a huge fan of the “let’s experiment” frame in business. I launched the Clarity Couch fully disclosing that I didn’t know whether it would work, but that I was willing to experiment with it.

This new experiment is the same. There’s a small chance that it’ll bomb. The magic home run I hit with the Clarity Couch may not happen again. I have no problem shutting this experiment down immediately if something unexpected or uncool happens. And it’ll probably only be a medium term stop gap, because as you’ll see… I may get all booked out even using this new system.

But let’s give this a try, shall we?

Introducing: The Risk-Free Test-Drive Consult

Are you thinking of working with the Shrink for Entrepreneurs? Excellent – and I want to give you a zero-risk way to be absolutely certain, down to your bones and deeper, that you’re making the right decision and doing the right thing.

So here’s how we’ll do it:

Book in for a one off strategic consult with me. 

As soon as that happens, I’ll whisk you straight to my detailed psychological questionnaire – the same one every badass client of mine fills out when begin working with me one-on-one. The majority of my clients reveal that they discover more clarity in their lives and business just by completing the questionnaire itself!

We won’t stop there, though. You and I will hop on the phone (no matter where on this crazy planet you are) and spend sixty minutes getting deep.

  1. We’ll create clarity on precisely what’s holding you back right now. When you discover the true psychological root causes of your obstacles, the truth will blow your mind.
  2. We’ll forge a detailed and realistic action plan to move you massively forward with unstoppable acceleration. This comes complete with recommendations for resources to access, things to learn, and capability gaps to close. You will get everything you need to move yourself forward.

In one hour, I will guarantee you startling insight into your psychology.

We won’t be able to fix everything, but we’ll map out the path and I will show you precisely where to find all the tools you need. 

NOTE: Everything you learn in the test-drive consult will be explicitly designed to be 100% actionable even if you never contact me again. The contents of this session, with my personal case notes emailed straight to you, will be yours to keep and take action on.


This one-off consult comes with no commitment, and it’ll blow your mind with business/psychology strategy value… even if it’s the first and last interaction you ever have with me.

Now for the third step, and the catch:

3. Throughout the session, I will be assessing you and your situation for “fit” – the criteria I look for in MY ideal client. The short version is simply that I work with entrepreneurs for whom I can identify psychological obstacles that, when unblocked, will result in massive increases in bottom-line results.

IF you meet my criteria, I’ll ask you for permission to pitch you on joining my roster of clients (or waiting list, if the roster is full). I’ll do this at the end of our session, and you’ll have the opportunity to opt out and terminate the call before my gentle pitch ever happens.

No pressure, and no hard feelings.

Because after all, the most important thing is that I meet YOUR criteria. This one-off call isn’t just about me assessing your situation – it’s about YOU assessing whether I’m a good fit for you.

Of course, if we’re to talk together one on one for a full hour, I have to charge for that time. (I’ll tell you how much in a second.)

Here’s the best part: If you take a Test Drive Consult and feel like you haven’t received massive value within the hour itself and you most definitely don’t want to continue any formal relationship… you’ll get all your money back.

In fact, you don’t even need a reason.

This is a no-questions-asked real guarantee. (And I anticipate paying out more than a few of these – I’ll explain why in a second.) All you have to do is send an email to my assistant and say “Thanks, but no thanks. I’d like a refund please.”

My assistant will immediately process a full refund of your fee. No questions asked, and no need to contact me or worry about hurting my feelings (even though you won’t).

The Risk-Free Test-Drive Consult is $299. You can book yours at the bottom of this page.

I’ve set the price to eliminate tire kickers. That’s the big change. What’s killing me is that when it came to Clarity Couch reports, I affectionately began thinking of them as “Charity Couch” reports, because while I’m busy spending hours recording them free of charge, truly serious prospective clients are getting frustrated waiting in an ever-increasing line.

Remember, though Test Drive Consult costs money it is 100% risk free, and in a very real way:

Your payment is held in escrow (Paypal does that for everyone anyway) while you think over our work together. You or I can decide we won’t proceed, at any point, and that triggers an instant refund. I’ll always provide explanation if that’s the case on my end, but you don’t have to say a word if you want out.

There’s a good chance that I may quickly determine I’m not the right person to help you during the actual call.

Should that happen, I’ll make double-sure to explain the situation and offer a referral to any number of experts in my (vast) network. You’ll get the help you want and need. I will refund your full payment and send you on your way. We’ll stay in touch and be friends.’

And of course, there is no risk for you – if you don’t get what you need from the session, ping my assistant and get an instant refund.

This is a much better way of doing business, in my opinion. It means that I no longer have to hand out free advice to people who know they’re in a position where they can’t even imagine hiring me

Except I’ve ALWAYS dished out free advice via email. And I continue to do so.

I can’t record you a custom audio report anymore, but if you want to just flick me an email and be as detailed as you like, I’ll reply as soon as I can. For free.

We’ll have a dialogue, and it’ll be great. I love to help. You help me by inspiring me to write more and better content, so get in touch. It won’t be the same level of killer focus and results we’d create in a test drive session, but it’ll still be valuable and fun!

For those of you frustrated that you can’t just click a button and get me instantly “in your corner”? Now you can.

This is the button:

Click it, and you’ll pay $299 – 100% secure, using any credit card, via Paypal.

You’ll get sent straight to my induction questionnaire.

My assistant will contact you to schedule a call within the next five business days.

I’ll start doing my homework, review your questionnaire and various business details.

We’ll talk. Minds will blow. Progress will happen. You’ll love it.

You’ll probably join the pantheon of entrepreneur rockstars on my regular client roster. And if you don’t love it? You can go on your way, satisfied with an hour of business strategy with the shrink. OR, you can shut the whole thing down whenever you please without losing anything.

If you’ve been vaguely telling yourself you should really “get in touch with that Shrink guy”, now is the time. The way to do it is here.

By the way, for those of you who are still waiting for your Clarity Couch reports… I’m sorry. I apologize for the delay and should’ve done this sooner, but I definitely keep my word: I will get yours to you. I’m not accepting any new applications as of today, so it’s just a matter of time as I work through the backlog.

If you’re waiting, but want to (understandably) skip straight to the Test Drive Consult and forgo your Clarity Couch report, let me know immediately by sending an email to I’ll drop the price for you – and you alone – only for this one time. Details upon application.

(If you’re not waiting on a Clarity Couch report, there is no point applying for a discount, of course.)

That’s it, folks, the announcement is now complete. Regular scheduled programming will resume shortly.


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  1. As a previous client of Peter, I can whole-heartedly recommend working with him. After one session, Peter showed his true colors and I was hooked. If you’ve been reading his stuff, or admire any of his clients, you’ll know that he’s in the top 5% of his field. And that’s no small matter.

    Through our work together, I discovered and dissolved the old ways of thinking and behaving that were keeping me stuck in my business, and I had some pretty major breakthroughs in my own coaching practice. With Peter’s help I launched a new website and brand (which I still love 2 years later – wow, that’s a record), increased my prices, and started writing my blogs from the heart.

    I could go on and on, but let me leave you with this: Peter’s one-time-session is worth every penny. If you feel the impulse to reach out to him, do it. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. I think this is a wonderful change, Peter, and I can immediately see how much value this new test-drive service will offer to people who think they might want to work with you.

    I’m completely biased, of course, as I’ve been working with you one-on-one for a long time now, but I know exactly how fantastic your consults can be. I think a one-shot “try before you buy” is perfect.

    And not just for potential clients, but for you! I know full well how much time free advice can carve out of anyone’s workday (I get my fair share of “James, can you help?” questions all the time), and while it’s a nice thing to do, it can actually wear someone down pretty fast. So this new service is a healthy, smart option for you – and for anyone who wants to take your smarts for a test run.

    Good job, you.

  3. Hey Peter, even as a client I still don’t know how you managed to do the free clarity couch reports up until now… Kudos! 😀

    I think the new offer is awesome, $300 is really nothing for anyone who’s SERIOUS about getting access to someone who is going to transform them and their business…

    Personally, the Clarity Couch was great for me to get an insight into your thinking. Hearing you discuss my challenges and start to break them down was the evidence I needed to decide to work with you.

    That said, I totally would have gone for the $300 option. That’s still low-risk (even without the money back guarantee) but TOTALLY more value!

    Man our first hour together triggered something amazing for me and my business… You will change lives one hour at a time!

    I’m tipping people are going to love this. Do it, people. Do it.

  4. Peter!

    Knock it out of the park! Way to model good stewardship of your time and talent to fledgling, struggling, and questioning entrepreneurs!

    I’ve experienced the value of just an hour of your consulting time, especially when you are laser-focussed and armed with my carefully considered answers to your questionnaire. That form alone is a major clarifying exercise. If someone isn’t interested enough in their OWN answers to complete it, or eager for your targeted help once they do, neither of you need waste any more precious time.

    Putting a little skin in the game by paying ahead of time is as good for the client as any other component of this offer. There’s something about parting with cash that opens the ears. And with a guarantee of refund? Way to keep your integrity! Being able to say, “This isn’t the right fit right now,” is a kind escape hatch for both you and the prospective client. Wish I’d thought of it first!

    Working with you for an hour (or a year, or 3) is one of my best career decisions, even when I want to throttle you for being so unnervingly dead on.

    Best of luck with this….
    *standing and clapping enthusiastically, getting misty*

  5. My clarity couch session with Peter was the beginning of a massive transformation in my life that I’d been looking for and wanting for years. At first blush reading this post I felt sad for all those who may not get the opportunity to work with Peter. However as I read on I see the genius in what Peter’s doing here.

    From a trust/honesty standpoint, having worked with Peter since he started clarity couch, I know that his promises are bona fide. I can’t summarize in a small post how helpful the Shrink has been in my life and career. This will have to suffice in one sentence: Peter had been the most influential person in my personal development, ever.

    I’m glad to see him moving to a more efficient model. I know it’ll work because just working with Peter one time will be enough to help people see the value.

  6. Great work Peter! That’s an awesome problem to have as you help so many people it only made sense eventually you would have to be more selective as your business grows and commit action takes off. Very brave that you can acknowledge you aren’t giving the clarity couch your all and refocus your energies on higher leverage activities that you are 100% committed to. The world will be a better place for it.

  7. Congratulations, Peter, on your wise choice. Your kind heart shows through your struggle, and yet your choice is smart because your clarity couch can be so easily used by tire kickers. A bow to your success and one day soon I will be your client.

    respect and peace,

    bob beverley

  8. Peter, I used to wonder how you kept up with your Clarity Couch reports. You got back to me pretty quickly (what, three days?) which was surprising. I was expecting more like two weeks — 30 minutes per report still seems like a conservative estimate given you’ll have to ponder each questionnaire. Maybe it was a slow week? Whatever, I got lucky.

    Anyway, I too felt a little sad for those who won’t get to experience Clarity Couch, but I understand and support what you’re doing. Anyone who reads your blog knows you’ve got amazing and actionable insight to share, and if they’re serious about taking their business to the next level, $300 shouldn’t be a problem. I know I would’ve taken the test drive had I found out about you after CC was no longer an option.

    Working with you has truly transformed the way I think about business and life in general, even if it took some time and a serious knock to the head to do so. Our first “true” conversation grounded me in reality as well as reframed my story so I’m invested and working on always creating a much better reality for myself. Can’t wait to see to what else you (and I) have in store.

    Through it all, I’ve always, always gotten the sense that you’re super invested in your clients’ success, so I’m not at all surprised that you’re making a decision to ensure you’re healthy and always at the top of your game. 🙂

  9. Thanks for putting it out there in such a real and tangible way. I’ve been thinking of doing something like this for a few months now but wasn’t sure how to do it. Hope you don’t mind if I model your brilliance! 🙂

  10. So I had wanted to do the clarity couch but was too much of a perfectionist to fill out the questionnaire (kept thinking about what to say). When Peter posted this entry, I knew it was time to take the plunge. After all, it’s only a matter of time before Peter won’t have room for any new clients! Peter scheduled me in super fast and I had my session. Unlike other counseling sessions, Peter got right to the point immediately and was able to drill down very quickly to some core issues. He was able to provide me with great insights that I had never gained before, even after 100s of hours reading self-help books. I’m feeling better and more motivated already after just one session.

    Peter is truly a talent and worth every penny. If you haven’t signed up yet, do it now! Before it’s too late!

    Thank you Peter! 🙂


  11. If you are thinking of taking Peter up on this offer, go for it. It’s a freakin’ bargain.

    I was surprised how much Peter was able to accomplish in one session. The initial questionnaire was useful, but then Peter dug into it and asked further questions, before identifying something that could be worked on. I think that during that session some quite fundamental issues were dealt with – there and then.

    I had this consultation about five days ago and I am noticing a significant improvement on this issue he helped me with.

    For me, this is an issue of ROI. The returns I am getting are likely to far outweigh the initial (small) cost. As entrepreneurs, one of the main things we can invest in is our psychology because it underpins everything else.

  12. Right after my one-hour Test Drive with Peter, I had 48 hours of non-stop client meetings interrupted only by sleeping and driving. So this morning I had every reason to be trashed, but when I went into a weekly meeting with my client’s staff, the boss said “Jeanette, you should give the positive comment today because you are looking chipper”. I hadn’t prepared anything so I said, stalling for something inspirational, “Well…I met this guy…..”. And everyone perked up “Really, you met a guy?”. To which I responded “No, not like that….” And I proceeded to explain about the Shrink for Entrepreneurs and Peter’s story of how he got started. I finished with “in 1 hour he fixed a problem I have had since I was a kid”.

    It was an amazing session. I will do it again soon, because I have another issue I am ready to be done with. 48 hours ago I had a problem procrastinating, making decisions, and basically getting started. Now my problem is that I know I cannot work fast enough.

  13. I just had my test drive consult with Peter yesterday afternoon, so what I say here is my initial impression (haven’t had time yet to see the results in action, but I expect very good things).

    At the onset of the call, Peter already had an idea of what my highest leverage issue was (you fill out a questionnaire beforehand), but dug deeper around the issue to make sure he understood it more completely before diving in.

    Actually, one of the first things he said was that although the majority of my responses had more to do with the nuts and bolts mechanics of day to day work, I had also mentioned in one answer how I thought my issues around procrastination had some identity-level roots. That actually became the focus of the call, and we ended up in a process that for was, frankly, mind-blowing.

    I’ve done a lot of self improvement stuff, both on my own and in a few seminars, and I had never done this process. The process made me realize something vital about myself, why I was procrastinating, and why it felt like I was torn in 2 opposing directions all the time. It also eliminated the core issue (or so it seems, I’ll see how things change in the days to come).

    Peter also provided some supplementary material to make sure that I could do more on my own after the session. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be working with him on an on-going basis soon, but in the meantime I have some useful next steps to keep me busy.

    It’s clear from working with Peter that he understands entrepreneurs, and the issues they face, at a deep level. I’d bet that he has the breadth of tools and understanding to tackle whatever it is that’s led you to this page.

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