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Boosting Energy and Productivity for a better bottom line

Today, I have something a little different. This is for the folks who know me (and care) enough that they’d like some insight into my world. If you’re curious about where I’m growing (and struggling) and think that you might benefit from that perspective, then welcome! I’m serving up a fresh helping of all that and more.

I rarely use this blog to update you, in classic look-what-I’m-eating-for-breakfast style, on what’s going on in the life and world of me. This isn’t the beginning of a trend and we’ll be back to regular programming soon… but right now, I have a few things I need to talk about.

For those still reading, on with the show! 

It’s been one helluva year so far. The Shrink for Entrepreneurs business is rocking, bigger and better, than ever.

The business is growing, both in the success sense and in the team sense. An exciting new project has required the very recent acquisition of some talented folks. This update isn’t to announce that cool thing I’m working on… but you’ll hear all about it soon.

And it’ll blow your mind.

That’s the good news. The bad is personal and what I really want to talk about here.

There’s a famous quote doing the rounds lately, regarding Richard Branson and his simple answer to why he’s successful, how he solves problems and is generally an all round rockstar.

His answer to how he makes it all happen?

“Work out” 

I talk about the trifecta of wealth, freedom and sanity. When entrepreneurs achieve it, they can get started on making an impact. I make keeping the trifecta balanced a mandatory requirement in my world.

The other trifecta isn’t just for entrepreneurs – it’s crucial for everyone.

Health, Wealth and Love.

And when people achieve all three, they find fulfillment.

My trifecta has been increasingly out of alignment for the last twelve months or so. The reasons are many and the results are undeniable. I’ve added about three inches around my waist in the last year.

My friends tell me it’s invisible, but my attitude about this has very little to do with aesthetics.

Why is health important for entrepreneurs?

Richard Branson attributes a huge potion of his success to his dedication to staying in shape. No surprises that Necker Island has (or had – I heard it burnt down recently) a dedicated yoga pavilion.

Beyond his views, my experience is that a state of superb fitness boosts entrepreneurial effectiveness in the following ways:

  • Increases in energy. When I’m fit, I get less tired and enjoy doing more work.
  • Increases in productivity. Paradoxically, I do more in less time. Fitness usually means working fewer hours but with more overall output.
  • Increases in discipline. When I dedicate energy and commitment to health, that discipline also tends to show up in other areas that matter. Book keeping, sales prospecting (actually getting back to interested prospects) and inbox management to name a few.
  • Increases in confidence and extroversion. I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to network and cavort with some of the finest minds in business, on a daily basis. When I’m fit, I tend to get out more and enjoy it. A slothful day simply leads to a slothful night – when my couch looks better than the Rockefeller/Saudi-Prince hosted entre-philanthropy party I grudgingly attended last friday (for example).
  • Increases in those *ahem* other spheres of life. Fitness and health allows me to channel an abundance of energy not just into work, but into all the other spheres of life that matter. While fitness does boost my bottom line, it also supercharges relationships and basically makes everything more awesome. Yeah. You know what I’m talking about.

So with all this amazing rationale for why I should be in super shape, why am I not? When all even slightly smart entrepreneurs know this, why are so few in amazing shape?

For me, it comes down to the following factors:

  • Travel. Consistently cooking home meals are impossible. Between January 1st and March 31st, I flew once a week every week. Go figure.
  • Accessibility. I have trouble running, due to an old injury so almost all exercise involves equipment or SOMETHING which I don’t have while traveling. Nor do I bother with a gym membership at home.
  • Food. I love it. I also consume a lot of it “out” – while networking and hanging at events. Obvious problems there.
  • Motivation. I just don’t have it. Even though I know those things.

So with all that taken into consideration, I’ve worked hard to build a solution that ticks all the right boxes and dodges all the unavoidable obstacles. Here it is:

The solution – Peter Shallard’s Trifecta of Health Success

I’ve engineered like a ninja. The strategy I’ve come up with revolves around the following three focuses:

1. Attentional Practice

I want to ritualize exercise that gives me what I need. And desire. I’ve realized that bodybuilding, or marathons or most of regular measures for physical prowess don’t actually light me up. What I’m into is a balance of strength, control and endurance… the three things I need to do my favorite thing, which comes next:

2. Challenges

To destroy the social sabotage that eating out with friends creates AND to provide motivation AND to have fun… enter the concept of The Challenge. January 23rd next year I will be competing in the longest downhill ski race in a world, in Switzerland. I am aiming for a “respectable” time but completion alone is an achievement. Boom.

2. Flexibility

I need to be able to do this anywhere, without equipment and preferably without hassle of any kind. Enter Andy Fossett and the crew at Gold Medal Bodies who have equipped me with a body weight training program they call “Floor One”. It is centered on the three pillars of strength, balance and flexibility… so it might as well be built for skiers.

The only thing this program doesn’t is cardio fitness, but Flexibility is aimed to get me to the place where I can run without hurting myself and build it up that way. For that to happen the smaller muscles in my feet and legs (that support the big powerful ones) need to get into better shape. Simultaneously, I need to increase flexibility in my hips. Andy’s program does all those things superbly.

So that’s the game plan.

Attentional Practice. Challenges. Flexibility (and thus no excuses).

So far, it’s working. Posting here only adds to the accountability. Ultimately, I’ll let you all know how it works out when I hit the slopes in Switzerland! By that point, even if I don’t win the race (ha!) I should be more productive, effective, fun to be around and healthy. Every sphere of life will benefit.

I’ll update twitter and facebook periodically. I may post here again too.


I’m putting together a crew of some of the coolest, most interesting entrepreneurs imaginable, who are all committing to the ski race. We’ll fly out together, probably source a shared house/palace for accommodation (the racing is staged over a week) and do some killing apres ski networking. If you’re a) awesome and b) skilled enough that double black runs don’t scare you… then you should get in touch and join us.

My Secret Weapon

While I’ve been putting together and implementing this gameplan, I’ve been supported by a secret weapon.

Doctor Cory Annis, aka The Unorthodoc, is that weapon. She’s a client of mine, buddy and all round rockstar who is revolutionizing primary health care with her “MD for Entrepreneurs” project.

Yes you heard right! “The Shrink for Entrepreneurs” brand is spiraling out with the first strategic partner – a high end, highly skilled service provider giving business owners the advice they need at the place where their health and bottom line intersect.

Working with Cory has been game changing. From pinning down a Thoracic Outlet Syndrome diagnosis (finally… I know what’s wrong and how to fix it!) to getting my ass kicked by a white-coat wearing pro… I would not have arrived at this place of clarity without her services.

While we’ve been working together on this, the good Doc and I have been conspiring to set up her Primary Health Care practice for entrepreneurs. is now live and some of the best primary care and healthy wealth coaching can be yours.

The crazy part is that she’s doing her Healthy Wealth Challenge for free, effectively letting entrepreneurs like you take her experience and skill for a test drive.

Be warned: The full force of a rockstar medic like this examining the place where your health interacts with your wealth… well, let’s just say you’ll never think the same about, well, almost anything.

You’ll gain a perspective that changes everything, from a professional whose depth of knowledge knows no bounds. The best part? It’s all delivered with the perfect blend of gentle doctor “bedside manner” and ass kicking entrepreneurial impact.

In other words, it’s Doc Cory.

You should get in on this now. It will change your life. And people rarely get to say that and actually, seriously mean it. 

For the full break down of my Challenge strategy (yay! Switzerland!), Doc Cory interviewed me for her blog. Go check the video. We break down the strategies I’m using and discuss the finer details that make the difference.

My hope with this post is that you’ll take a look at your own health and how it’s impacting your life and business.

There is an ever increasing availability of fantastic solutions to help you optimize this dynamic. The internet is changing the game.The news? The best and brightest has just arrived. Go check out Unorthodoc immediately.

Let me know what you think of my crazy plans in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading this personal update!


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  1. Hey Peter!

    Love this blog! It is quite similar to the conversation we had a while back.

    Psyched for you having a training goal now…you will do really well!

  2. I love your “crazy” plan. It incorporates social accountability, risk taking aspects, fun, and travel. It also removes a lot of barriers to getting it done. What’s not to love?

    Yes–Health, Wealth, and Love are the trifecta. I was working on the Love for Entrepreneurs corner last year, but …my message wasn’t clear enough. So I shut it down. Happily, my personal life triangle is improving, and wealth needs to improve the most, but the love and health sections are blunting that painful aspect right now.

    I’ll be glad to see more entrepreneurs paying more attention to their bodies and hearts for a change. 🙂

  3. Hey Peter, I remember reading this post when you first published it, but I just noticed that I never got around to thanking you for the mention. Totally low-class on my part…

    Glad you’re still digging F1 (which, incidentally was first tested on one of Ryan’s clients – a former pro snowboarder).

    Anyway, thanks!

  4. startedgaining weight internal bumper for beginning running back on her body wow then westarted regardless of the possibility that there are three mutts they take an a large portion of a day and there are ingreat shape and therefor looks better I my wife takes one of the eight yearsand I take six today neurofusebrains .com/

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