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The 3 Step Guide to Summer Productivity

Shred your todo list, mix a margarita and fire up the grill. Summer is here!

Temperatures go up and entrepreneurial ambitions go down. People start prioritizing dangerous concepts such as “sunlight” and “relaxation”.

It’s fun and games for some, but the summer slow-down can feel like a mini recession for those business owners in hustle mode. Productivity drops, customers go to the beach and you wake up in September to a bleak profit and loss spreadsheet.

Until now. This three point guide shows you how to extract the maximum ROI from the warm months, without skipping a single siesta. 

1. Create a daily ritual 

Warm weather is the enemy of routine. That great workflow groove you perfected in January goes out the window as soon as someone yells “beach!” or you’re invited to a barbecue.

Don’t resist it. You’re self-employed specifically so you can enjoy mid-week distractions and now they’re coming thick and fast. Lap up the sunlight (and chilled sauvignon) while you can.

To sidestep this destruction of your productivity, simply create a small daily ritual. Write out the list of absolute commitments you’re going to keep this summer. They could be to yourself, to others and to your business. Go easy, because it is summer after all, but consider including items like:

  • Exercise
  • The “inbox to zero” game
  • Following up 100% of all sales leads (keep the bucks flowing!)
  • Writing 500 words a day

A daily ritual will actually make your summer more enjoyable. When you commit to your “daily absolutes” before you play, you’ll feel great about yourself when you do knock off to party. Side effects include more confidence, gregarious flirting, spontaneous dance parties and more revenue in the bank. That’s science.

Don’t be the person at the party saying “Ugh, I should really get back to the office”.

Lock down your daily absolutes now and commit to the ritual. Give yourself permission to slack off 100% when it’s done.

2. Convene spontaneous board meetings 

You’re not the only person who wants to hang out. Take advantage of the fact that every other entrepreneur around is looking for an excuse to catch some vitamin D and a beer.

Start setting some intention behind lunch dates with pals. Catch up and shoot the breeze and then make the conversation have specific next steps. Entrepreneurs love this stuff – you and your friends will feel like you’re experiencing R&R and productivity at the same time.

My brunch yesterday with Nick Reese and Nik Tarascio resulted in two problem-solving “schedule a meeting with this person” next steps for Nik and at least three game-changing brainwaves for my new service (shh!). Reese’s mind was elsewhere, but that’s okay – it’s summer 😉

It’s as simple as asking clockwise around the circle “What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now?”

Let the ideas flow. Also, acknowledge that if booze is flowing there is a point of diminishing return you need to watch out for.

3. Prove that work/life balance works 

This one changes everything.

If you do the daily ritual and benefit from the input of your clever friends, you’ll have a summer that rocks. And business success to show for it.

If you can prove to yourself that you CAN be highly effective over summer… it still works that way in winter.

Push yourself to be super effective in a tiny amount of time and to wholeheartedly enjoy the time you do slack off. We know the 4 Hour Work Week can work as a business model, but you need to prove you can manage it psychologically.

Do this and you’ll have more wealth, freedom and sanity – guaranteed. When winter comes, you’ll be able to take a skiing work-vacation or head to the southern hemisphere.

Prove that it works. Be successful AND own a hammock. Richard Branson does it and so can you.

Your customers, kids, spouse, health and accountant will thank you for it. And you’ll have fun. Because after all, it is summer.

How else are you going to stay productive and relaxed this summer? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts…


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  1. Hi Peter
    Your suggestion to, “Push yourself to be super effective in a tiny amount of time and to wholeheartedly enjoy the time you do slack off,” reminds me of that amazingly productive day we solopreneurs may recall from our days as employees. Remember how much we could get done the day before we left on vacation? How did we do it? We decided what was really important, stopped worrying about getting it perfect, and just did it. That’s going to be my daily ritual. Thanks for a super post.
    Cheers – Sue

  2. I’ve definitely let 1) Exercise and 2) Writing 500 words/day fall to the way-side. Thanks for a reminder to get going with those two daily tasks. Cheers!

  3. Peter, I just now read this blog…and I am happy to say, this is exactly what I did in June and July! And do you know what? I am having the best month of my brand new business because of it. Yup, four -six hour work week and I increased my July and August sales by over 50%! Being a brand new business, that’s not to say I am making millions, but it sure helps the bank account! Because of your advise earlier, I am mindful of doing at least 3-4 things effectively for my business every day and it has been steadily working and I am reaping the benefits! OH, and I doubled my fee’s. Wow! Can I tell you how happy I am…not in words. Simply, Thank you!

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