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How to find recession proof jobs and careers

Jobs and careers are at the top of everyone’s mind during a recession or GFC.

Specifically, how do I get into an industry or business that is recession and depression proof? What will guarantee that I won’t be affected?

Being able to spot the “safe bets” or fantastic opportunities has nothing to do with reading a list of the Top 10 recession proof jobs.

I could give you that list but very few people would actually do anything with it. Instead, why not wise up to this technique for understanding the recession and why certain jobs will be murdered early while others are guaranteed permanent security?

Recession proof your job and careerRecession/GFC proof business explained

A lot of journalists, gurus and entrepreneurs will put a positive spin on the recession, claiming it as a huge opportunity for smart operators to make bundles of cash.

For most people the reality is cutbacks, overhead reviews, 4 day work weeks and other scary stuff.

The split between positive-thinking success stories and people focused on cash-flow fire fighting is simple. The people who win during the recession are aware of a secret the rest of us are not.

The big secret: Recessions are a necessary culling of non-profitable and unsuccessful businesses.

The GFC offers a clearing of deadwood from the crowded marketplace. Businesses with the ambition and skill to grow rapidly will enjoy dominance as other industry players wither and die.

This is all very well, but where are the “recession-proof” careers and jobs at?

Knowing this principal, you need to make it your goal to ally yourself with a business positioned to get really aggressive about success.

Even better, get up-skilled and start work in the “cash-flow positive” side of the business. Sales & Marketing are the only areas where employee efforts are easily measured and significantly rewarded.

Yes, this should make you uncomfortable.

“But I can’t sell!”…”Commission isn’t a safe bet”… “Sales isn’t for me”…

… these are all statements from employees who might find themselves in the “dead wood” section of redundancy announcements.

Recession rule of thumb: Those who go outside their comfort zone are rewarded

If you’re really serious about recession proofing your career, then getting into sales or marketing is a must. A list of recession proof jobs will simply show you that highly qualified IT specialists, medical professionals and government utility workers are in the most demand. Where does that get you? Care to enrol in med-school?

One small concession:

If you can get educated about how to measure return on investment for your efforts at your job, this will also insure you keep it. Unless of course you shock yourself by working out that you cost the business far more cash than you help make or save.

There are plenty of specialists out there who will provide formulas, blueprints and tactics for measuring ROI of activity… even for traditionally “soft” departments like HR.

It’s all about proving your value. Sales & Marketing folks have it easy because value is measured in cold, hard cash.

Recession proof yourself and your job by investing the time and smarts into working out and communicating your “value” as an employee.

Expecting your boss to just “know” how important you are is a strategy that stopped working around October last year.

If anyone wants access to a ROI calculation formula, let me know by leaving a comment (scroll down).


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