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Kicking off a revolutionary Quest

My career, in the form that it’s in right now, really began the moment an entrepreneurial business owner walked into my psychotherapy practice for his second session and uttered the following words:

“That psychological stuff we talked about last week? It really made a difference in my business!”

I didn’t know it at the time, but my experience working with this person was going to define the direction of my career for years to come. Becoming a Shrink for Entrepreneurs enabled me to achieve two things that have literally changed my life.

First, I was able to reconnect with a (slightly lost) passion for helping people transform themselves. My work as a therapist was starting to frustrate me, after clocking hundreds of hours with the clinically depressed, anxious and addicted.

Second, I began supplementing my knowledge of psychology with business skills. It finally clicked that I was not just a therapist – I was an entrepreneur also. That realization was the beginning of a journey that lead me to fix my broken “private practice” business model.

Eventually, I created wealth and freedom – becoming a director for a successful startup, a corporate consultant to Australasia’s largest businesses and, recently, a wannabe-blogger. The whole time, I’ve been lucky enough to work with clients achieving hugely significant stuff as well.

When I recently woke up with a distinct sense of dissatisfaction, I knew I had hit one of those moments in life where we ask ourselves “What’s next?”

A bit of introspection and conversation with close friends and advisors revealed something startling. For years, I had been fired up. I had been aggressively chasing wealth and freedom – in that order. Now that I had it, the shiny goal had disappeared and my motivation had vanished along with it.

I knew I needed a new quest. Now, I had the chance to focus on something other than my immediate needs (wealth & freedom). A few months before Christmas, I started asking myself what I really wanted to do.

And here’s what I came up with…

My Quest for 2011 (and beyond)

Working with entrepreneurs changed my practice, my attitude and my life. It was simply because I was so refreshed by connecting with a group of ambitious people who would do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. Such people are the best kind of clients to have.

Now, just helping people with big business dreams isn’t enough.

I’ve become consumed by an anticipation for the things that entrepreneurs do and create… when they transcend the immediate concerns of personal wealth and freedom.

When an entrepreneur (by definition, a creative, smart and awesome person) blasts beyond the need to fixate on profit, something extraordinary happens. All the ambition, street-smarts and expertise gets liberated. Then, the entrepreneur gets to choose where to focus those immense resources.

What interests me is our tendency (as humans) to occasionally produce individuals who are able to achieve exponentially positive impact in their lifetime.

It is clear that entrepreneurs are the people most consistently on the cutting edge of any game-changing activity. While the ancient world might have been revolutionized by conquerors, nobles, clergy, politicians and artists… since the industrial revolution, human progress has been most defined by the output of our business leaders.

We’re talking about massive, global change that is driven not by committee or “banding together”. Instead, modern exponential change is created by individuals who have engineered (by chance or intention) the leverage they need to affect transformation.

Our world is in fairly bad shape. You don’t need me to list the reasons why. As our planet hurtles toward oblivion, it’s occurred to me that our number one priority should be fostering such individuals and the environments that create them.

Game changing individuals are our only hope.

We desperately need more entrepreneurs who can transcend the concern of wealth and freedom, so they can focus on impact – on solving the problems we are faced with.

In a sense, entrepreneurialism is the modern-day training school for game-changing individuals. Build a commercial empire and you’ll equip yourself with the resources (both internal and external) that give you a shot at solving some of our planets problems.

It’s going to take genius revolutionaries to find solutions to the problems we face, as a civilization. These are individuals and if there is only one thing we can do together as a group, it’s figure out how to accelerate the development of such people. As individuals, we simply have to step up and say “I’ll be one of them!”

So starting now, I’m kicking off a project.

My quest is to study the factors that create game-changing entrepreneurs and individuals. I’m kicking off a research project, of sorts, to uncover the ingredients that create revolutionaries.

This will include analysis of game-changers of the world – both past and present. I’ll be finding out what actions an individual can take to push themselves down the road to game-changing entrepreneurialism.

I will also be exploring what we can do, as a society, to foster the environmental conditions that increase of the odds of future generations spitting out revolutionary geniuses.

I’ll be bringing my skill and knowledge of psychology, behavioral modeling and entrepreneurialism itself to the mix. There are probably people better qualified than me to work on this project, but I’m doing it because I want to… because I think it’s important. I’m also determined to connect with (and include) everyone who can add resources to the pursuit of this quest.

If this all sounds ambiguous and vague, it should. The first step of my quest is going to involve some map-making. I don’t have a clear idea of what this research project will look like – only that it’ll be practical, pragmatic and valuable. I’m okay with not knowing exactly where I’ll be taking this. Allowing the journey to unfold is all part of it.

A few things are for certain though…

You’ll be able to be a part of this quest – if you share the vision (and can see the urgency of it), then I want to hear from you. My plans for this project are big enough that I’m well aware I’ll be needing more than just little old me to get it done.

Additionally, every part of this quest will be documented on this blog. This isn’t something I’m interested in turning into a “product” of any kind. Everything I discover, model, figure out and learn will be shared, free, right here for all to see.

My goal is also to create a community of people who are committed to this vision – entrepreneurs themselves who are passionate about achievement beyond their own material success. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already part of this group.

There may be opportunities to share this project in formats beyond the actual blog itself, but for now, I can’t imagine what those could be. I’m just excited to see how much impact I can create, starting here.

So, in the near future, you’ll be reading about such exciting adventures as:

  • Interviews with game-changers (with a very psychological flavor)
  • Analysis of revolutionaries from our history (ditto psychology)
  • Real-time reporting on the efforts of social entrepreneurs actually out there, changing the world
  • Tips and tricks for transcending the concerns of wealth and freedom (by achieving then going beyond them)
  • … and much much more (as I figure it out!)

That’s my quest. I started out trying to figure out a mission for 2011, but I think I accidentally stumbled on something that’ll keep me busy for a long while.

When I shared this with close friends and advisors, the reaction was mixed at best. The feedback that I heard the most was “Why would you throw away the good stuff you’re doing to pursue this?”

The truth is, I’m not throwing away anything. I’ve already been doing this.

Since starting this blog, I’ve been sharing tactics on overcoming the obstacles that get between entrepreneurs and their wealth and freedom. This is important work – you need to be able to really smash that stuff if you’re going to do something “greater” in the long run.

The clients I work with, dotted around the world, are at varying stages of transcending basic entrepreneurial concerns. Many of them are stepping up to approach bigger issues too!

Entrepreneurs who want to create wealth, freedom and impact (you) will still benefit from learning about sales tactics, overcoming fear and other favorite topics of mine. I’ll still be focusing on this stuff – bigger and better than before.

I’ll be keeping up my private consulting business and continuing to work with large organizations, just so long as they’re doing significant things.

This quest, for me, is more of a focus of intention than anything else. I’ll continue to do important work with my select group of clients – if you want to become one, we should talk.

I’ll continue sharing tools and tactics for business success on the blog. The big change here is simply an over-arching sense of purpose – the ultimate reasoning for why I do what I do. It’s a clarifying and re-stating of the original purpose I started this site with.

No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, my goal is to ensure that this site grows into an ever more valuable resource for achieving that trifecta of success: Wealth, Freedom and Impact.

And, no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, my message here is simple: This is a call to action to up your game and ambition.

It’s scary thinking, but I want to explore the idea that the most exciting part of an entrepreneur’s life happens immediately after they master the science of achievement.

I’m hoping you’ll join me.

I’ve got two questions for you and I’m burning with curiosity at the thought of your answers.

  1. What do you think?
  2. What is your quest?

Please do get in touch, either via a comment on this post or by email.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I am but a (very, very small) businessman/artist who still has trouble paying the rent on time (or at all!), but I can definitely see the need for people like you on quests like this. Godspeed!

    And thanks again to “Men with Pens” for introducing me to this blog πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Marc, thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

      My point here is that, if you can see the “need” (I’m glad to hear it!) then you can be a game-changer too. It’s fun and rewarding …. and I’ll do whatever it takes to help you get there, if you’re up for it!

      1. Well, I’m here and absorbing what I can. I’ll hear if you put out a call for something specific, or if you need something retweeted or ‘liked’. πŸ™‚

        Shameless plug here (not for me): I’ve found a fantastic way to help foster entrepreneurs around the world on the kind of budget even I can afford. I put $25 more into my lending pool every year, and re-lend everything as it gets paid back.

        And of course, if you have the need of a New York printer, just say the word. (okay, that one was for me)

    2. You’re very welcome. Thanks for commenting so that now I see you and can connect!

      What’s interesting is that even very small businesses not in a position yet to stop worrying about money will be able to use this info. So much of succeeding comes from observing what works and what doesn’t in others – and of course, stretching that to try our own ‘does this work?’ experiments – that I’m pretty positive you’ll gain a lot from this!

      1. That’s true. Just since I’ve been subscribing here (a couple months), I am seeing changes in how I think about many things. I don’t have world changing goals, but I recognize that fear and limitations in my beliefs have kept me from trying in the past. It’s a first step, anyway.

        So… I’ll be here at least until the chips and cookies are done.

  2. Sometimes you just have to do what you feel inside. You’ll never know the outcome else you give it a shot.

    I’m looking forward to what you have in store. I’m here to help out in anyway. Rock on Peter!

  3. I’m in, Peter. Our entire business/movement is centered around teaching others how to change the world. Let’s talk.

    The three books that seem the most relevant to start with are for our research are Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, Tribes by Seth Godin, and The Story of B by Daniel Quinn. Have you read those? If not, consider them my recommendations for your research. Have you got any recommendations for me? I’m currently on a book-buying ban but I’ll put them in the queue. (:

    I’ll be in touch, and I’ll be watching comments too. I’m excited to meet you and your friends!

    1. Hey Pace – great book recommendations! The only one I haven’t read is Daniel Quinn’s. Prometheus Rising was a big influence for this post (and the thinking that went with it) … but in a way out of left field way. Check it out πŸ™‚

      1. Pace and Peter: you might want to try “Leadership and Self-Deception” by the Arbinger Institute. To me, it fits in the “what comes next” niche after Tribes and Outliers (I haven’t read The Story of B yet, but I will. Thanks Pace.)

  4. Yes, yes, yes! My concerns are in the same place as yours!

    “As our planet hurtles toward oblivion, itÒ€ℒs occurred to me that our number one priority should be fostering such individuals and the environments that create them.

    Game changing individuals are our only hope.”

    For me, it was never so much my environments that shaped my individualism, but the books I read. Not the books themselves, but the experiences of reading them and the profound impact they had on me. As a designer, writer, and creator… I’m setting out to start a movement for likeminded people interested in investigating how we can use our unique skills to consciously create individually-empowering experiences to liberate others in turn.

    You ask how we can “foster the environmental conditions that increase of the odds of future generations spitting out revolutionary geniuses”? How about also fostering experiential encounters along the way that impact future geniuses, no matter what situations they find themselves born into?

    Anyway, this sounds like such an amazing quest. We should collaborate, if you’re interested! (My site will be up by the end of the month!)

    1. Hey Tessa! Thanks for stopping by with this great comment.

      I think you’re spot on about the experiences (and reading!) – I love the idea of “fostering experiential encounters” that grow future game-changers. In fact, I hope to make this site an opportunity for such an encounter!

      Love the clarity of your thought. Awesome πŸ™‚

  5. Totally in. I only discovered your blog recently, but apparently I have great timing!

    My quest is world-changing too. My current big project — the Thriving Artists Project — is to deprogram creatives of the “starving artist” mindset that keeps them stuck and impoverished, and help them learn how to truly thrive from their art or creative thing. I want to see everyone on the planet expressing their creativity, living in alignment with their core values and in *happiness*.

    Radical concept, but I agree with the Dalai Lama: the purpose of life is to be happy. Human beings are mean to express our innate creativity — that’s a critical piece of the being happy puzzle.

    Looking forward to riding along on the journey!

    1. Hi Melissa,
      A big high five to your work. I spent the afternoon with a musician friend who is absolutely in the poor artist mindset. I will refer her to your work. Thank you.

      1. Thanks Bonny!
        I’ve been making my living from my art for close to a decade, but have come to realize that I was unconsciously limiting myself, partly because of starving artist mindset programming. Partly because of plain old sexist programming.

        I’m working hard to turn this around, both for myself and for others. I’m incredibly passionate about helping others follow their own creative blisses, and to THRIVE from doing so. The community that is growing around this work is energizing me and feeding my soul, so it’s a wonderful feedback loop – the more I give, the more I get back in return. πŸ™‚

        I’m looking forward to expanding my network out and out and out! So glad to have found this amazing site and the cool people here.

    2. Hey Melissa, glad to have you here πŸ™‚

      I think the work you are doing with your project is really significant. Just after I posted this, I was chatting with Mark McGuinness about my desire to explore the significance of art in all of *the above*… because it’s an area where I definitely can learn a LOT. Intuition tells me that art is important – so *we* need people like you, just as much as those starving artists dude.

      Looking forward to seeing that project unfold. Let me know what I can do to help…

      1. Hey Peter,

        Thanks for the reply, and for the excellent point about how important artists are. In a capitalist society artists get programmed that we’re *not* important, that we’re *not* needed, that art is completely insignificant fluff. Case in point: music and art is being dropped from schools. What kind of message does that send our kids? That creativity, creative expression, is worthless.

        I think we can learn more about a culture from its approach to art than from just about anything else.

        For me, creative expression is key to my health and happiness. And I don’t think I’m unique in this. That’s one reason I’m so passionate about it — I truly believe that if we equipped and encouraged *everyone* to follow their creative passions (and I don’t mean just making a living at it — I just mean DOING the creative thing(s) that lights their fire), we’d have a happier (not to mention less warlike!) populace.

        Powerful, radical stuff, if you take it to its logical extreme…

        Peter, you’re clearly connecting people in a big way, getting people to think and expand. That’s a HUGE part of the equation. Just hook me up to the IV. πŸ˜‰

        1. It’s funny, my inbox this morning has been filled with emails from artists asking, tentatively, how they fit into all of the above. I can sense that the collision of art, business and social-change is going to be a significant part of my work going forward – as it already is for people like Mark.

          On of my initial thoughts (responding to the emails) was that it’s a tragedy for ALL of us when an artist fails to deliver their gift to the world because they can’t transcend the pressing concerns of bills! Money isn’t just a thing to help an artist survive – it’s also commercial leverage.

          Someone who masters wealth is free to broadcast their work far further (and with more impact) than someone struggling.

          Damn, now you’ve got me thinking! πŸ™‚

          1. You’re so right. I have a dream of a world in which everyone has access to the resources they need (time, space, equipment, money) to express their unique creative gifts. I was lucky growing up — I lived in a family, in a part of the world where, I had access to art and music lessons, to special art and creative writing programs for “gifted” kids. Not everybody’s so lucky. I really, REALLY want to change that.

            Art changes lives, both for the artist and the “art consumer.” I WANT my art to make a difference. Money = leverage = impact (not the only thing, of course, but a big one).

            Thinking over here too…

  6. Firing on all pistons Peter!!!!
    We’ve begun the Quest already by creating a brand new mobile platform devoted to helping Adventure-preneurs achieve their Exceptional Potential by the power of syndication. We’d love to have you on board this…it’s taking off like a missile as people hear this message.
    “In the ennobling art of enabling another, your own majesty shines brightest”
    It’s the quantum marketing effect of 1+1=3.
    At present we’re publishing twice monthly and it would be a joy and even bigger joy to announce this quest within. We’re talking the same language!

    I was an entrepreneur at the age of 12, taking oportunities to make pocket money by dog walking and baby-sitting. By the age of 16, I could run a friend’s Fast Food shop single-handed unitl 1am. (IIllegal at the time in the Uk but hey…)
    My careers have always been by transforming ideas into services because the idea of a ‘job’ was anathema to me. It is the path to the most thrilling (ie sometimes sh*t-scary) unfolding of human fulfillment. When we use that path to transform our world for the better, well I reckon God will give us a wink and a high-five.

    Look forward eagerly to the next step.
    Yours in solidarity,
    Dream Warrior Jenni P

    1. Hey Jenni, thanks for stopping by.

      I love the enthusiasm! I’m not 100% sure what your thing is all about yet… but I’m curious to know how you make 1 + 1 = 3 … sounds magical and/or technically complex! Looking forward to hearing more πŸ™‚

      1. 1+1=3 means that the sum of the parts is greater than the parts on their own. (We go further together) It also means that 1 party who actively ‘enables’ another party to shine/make money/have recognition or something they want is ‘ennobled’ in doing so..does that make sense?:)

        How do we get a photo up? Is there some sort of inner ‘club’?

        Jenni P

  7. Hi Peter,

    Totally keen. I am in a constant point of boiling. I think I am ready to rid the corporate paradigm that tells me what to do and what I can earn. I am teacher trying to push through the barrier to become an entrepreneur that still teaches about teaching. That is my quest.

    Looking forward to being dragged out of said barrier.


    1. A constant point of boiling – I love that phrase. And Peter, I don’t know if what I want to do qualifies as global, and massive, but I burn to turn my industry inside out.

      1. Hi David! Sounds like your motivation is *ignited*! … Turning an industry inside out is a game-changing quest. Don’t underestimate the massiveness of your ambition.. if you let it all out πŸ™‚

  8. Peter! I couldn’t be more in!
    In fact, our visions collide. Next week, I’m planning to announce a simple two-question interview series that orbits right around your big picture.

    My business focuses on entrepreneurs who also homeschool or unschool their children. For most of them, their business is simply a tool that allows them to live this family-centered, DIY lifestyle. I want to encourage people to purposely model their entrepreneurialism for their kids & include them whenever possible, rather than segregating those aspects of their lives.

    The first question is about the importance of self-directedness and suggestions for nurturing or developing it in adults & kids. But, the second question is about the importance of developing the next generation of entrepreneurial geniuses. People that don’t just think outside of the box…but don’t even realize there’s supposed to be a box. The question asks how we (as parents or as communities or as a culture) can nurture entrepreneurial traits, and why is it so important that we do so now?

    You can expect to hear more from me about this. And I’ll definitely be watching what’s happening here. I even brought my own popcorn.


    1. Holy wow Laura, this is an epic quest you’re brewing up here. I can’t *wait* to hear more – so I hope you’ve brought enough popcorn for the both of us.

      You need to talk to my (clever) friend Melissa Brennan – I know she’s starting unschooling her daughter soon and her ideology is right up your alley.

  9. wow, i couldn’t have read this at a better time! I plan on being one of those game-changing entrepreneurs but first I need to build my business. 2011 will be an exciting new year of connections and abundance!! Good luck on your project. I love how psychology can play into business sense.

  10. Perfect timing Peter.

    In 2011, I’ll be launching a new business in the space of food sustainability, cooking and life/biz coaching. My life coach training starts today! In February/March, I’ll be launching a blog called Feast and Forage which will explore the intersection of fabulous food, sustainability and community. Connecting with food artisans, cooking real food and sharing a meal are a few solutions to what ails us.

    My fascination with cognitive psychology and human motivation might come in handy.

    I’d love to collaborate!



    1. Natalie – this is plain ol’ BADASS. I consider myself a huge advocate of food in general πŸ˜›

      … but what you’re doing is taking things to the next level. If you can teach people that sustainability is TASTY, then you’re going to create a really really big impact. Sounds silly when I put it like that, but I’m dead serious. The thing that’s lacking behind so many sustainability messages is any idea that it can be positive/fun at the same time.

      You’re not just killing two birds with one stone… you’re murdering them, then dressing inappropriately at their funerals!

      I have a feeling this could be big. Let me know what I can do to help πŸ™‚

      1. You’ve basically made my day Peter!

        It’s all about the party…actually perhaps the best party! The delicious movement is going to be fun and easy.

        I’d love to call on you for support and I would expect you would call on me as well (gee, that sounds like reciprocity).

        Happy Friday,


        p.s. I believe I still own you some chocolate-covered cherries!

  11. Totally in, Peter.

    A few years ago I got tired (for a little while) of just reading about business leaders and visionaries, and started to read biographies of spiritual leaders who had made a huge impact on the world around them- spawning national or global movements of societal change. I read biographies of MLK, Jr, Mother Teresa, Mohandas Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, among others, and started to see patterns and similarities in how they operated. Really fascinating.

    So I’m especially fascinated to see what you come up with here. Very, very cool.

  12. Hi Peter,

    I’ve been on this page for awhile.

    Honestly, our schools in many places of the western world have over-schooled folks to the point where education no longer happens. A game changer has taken an education. A game keeper was given a schooling.

    12 to 16+ years of following someone else’s curriculum doesn’t foster a TRUE entrepreneurial spirit. It can’t. Yet, most folks are so over-schooled they can’t even comprehend what I’m saying.

    The above is something I’m “playing” to undo.

    That’s part of my rebellious quest.

    Inspirational Rebel

    1. Giulietta, I was hoping you’d chime in here. The schooling stuff is a subject I’m deeply passionate about and can’t wait to dive into.

      I think the status quo is deeply embedded (making change hard)… but we’re also now seeing unprecedented numbers of graduates failing to step into the lifestyle the education system sold them on. It will be *their* dissatisfaction and unrest that drives a changing of this game.

      I’d love to hear more about what your plans for leading the revolution are.

  13. I’m with you Pete, and I’ve brought along a party tub of Twiglets for everyone.

    2011 seems to be a key year for a lot of people – there’s a lot of development, change and deviant thinking (of the positive kind) which is exciting to see. Sounds like you’ve got yourself a fascinating project there. Holler if I can help out.

  14. Wow, this is feeling very ‘tribe-like’. You’ll love it Peter..identifying how people love and need to ‘belong’!:)
    So we’re on for a salsa and rumba and a chilled Chardonnay.
    BTW I love Twiglets Steve!:)

  15. oh god thank you!
    I’m about to launch a similar – yet totally different – focus for my work which has long been (19 years, 6 books) helping women nurture themselves, stress relief, all that good stuff and about to change the focus to serving and savoring the world, knitting the two together to make it sexy and comfortable to face the world’s situation. It’s going to be an experiment in how I do it and how you can follow along. YET I have been mired in concrete getting launched – ugh! – so happy to have found you. Thanks to my dear friend Mark Silver!! Subscribing now!

    1. No problem, my child… but you can call me Peter πŸ˜› hehehe

      Great to have you here Jennifer – and this is a perfect example. One of the things I’ll continue to do is help people unstick themselves to rock things like launches. When the long term goals are so damn important, it becomes a no brainer… you HAVE to get unstuck and get moving. Cos we need what you’ve got!

      Let me know how I can help πŸ™‚

      PS Mark is awesome. I count myself lucky to be part of his tribe.

  16. PS: @Peter & Giulietta – Check out a book called “Boys Adrift.” So relevant to this page. SO relevant. Trends in education and pop culture at large that will suffocate the revolutionary spirit I think most of us are born with but conditioned *not* to express.

  17. I’m in, make room on the couch. I brought a cheese & fruit platter…

    Awesome idea and I can’t wait to soak up what you uncover in your investigations.

  18. Hi Peter,

    I think what you’re saying is important not only for what you do after being an entrepreneur, but also during.

    There’s really no other better way to stand out from the throngs of people trying to make a buck than have a passion and reasons that transcend material wealth.

    I can’t really share what I’m doing since it’s only about to get done (James is still working on the website) and I don’t really like to talk about stuff that hasn’t been done yet. However, I do know that if I didn’t have some kind of purpose beyond just making money I’d never be able to communicate the uniqueness that is necessary to succeed these days.

    A good example is the hordes of people trying to ‘make money online’. I’m a firm believer that these ventures are doomed to failure because there’s just no soul in it. What differentiates person A from person B? I look around and can’t see it. That means I don’t trust them, and don’t want to buy from any of them.

    1. Hey Patrick,

      All fantastic points – I agree with you about the hordes of cookie-cutter online business wannabes. Looking forward to seeing your *thing* launch. If you’ve got James on your team, it’s sure to be a raging success.

  19. I’m here via a link Pace posted, and I am adding you to my feeds! This looks awesome.

    My Thing isn’t much of a game changer, unless you count making life easier for folks with large book collections as game-changing, but it IS something I’m passionate about and love doing.

    Someone I’d like to point you at is my friend Mazarine Treyz over at She’s awesome, and does more in one day than I can do in a week. She teaches and creates art, and teaches and consults on fundraising for nonprofits. Bad ass.

  20. Hey Pete,

    Nice post mate. Good to get the full take on what we spoke about.
    Interesting how it ties in with what we’ve been looking at of late. I’ll be sure to keep you on track. I’m very enthused to get working on my vision too. Sounds like there’s some strong connections between the two.


    1. Hey dude, thanks for the comment. The stuff we’ve been working on came at a spooky time, considering I was just figuring this stuff out over the holiday period.

      More evidence that the universe is a woo-woo place.

  21. Did you say ‘revolutionaries’? Someone was calling my name!:) Oh’s warrior..but they’re sort of the same thing when you add dreams to it.

    If you had whispered lucious words like this blog, into my shell-like ear, I would have been seduced immediately. But then I wouldn’t have met my Beloved and you neither.
    Apart from that, since I was born in Nottingham Forest, I can’t resist a crusade, especially if it involves thigh length boots, and epic numbers of people being empowered.

    There will be an opening for a company making thigh-length boots and shipping globally.

    So for fore-play, passion, changing the world, changing I’m hot.
    Dream Warrior Jenni P

    1. Hey Jenni, congrats on being the first ever commenter to fit thigh-length boots, foreplay and seduction into the mix.

      Slightly concerning, but I’m taking it as a compliment :P….

      1. Well darnit, I missed my chance!

        Will bead and faux gem-encrusted stilletto boots do? I’ve got a pair of those I sometimes wear in my after-hours life as a jazz singer/Uke Diva (yes, as in ukulele).

        Hmmm… Which makes me think that my Uke Diva persona is made for revolutionary crusades… Anyone armed with a ukulele has the element of surprise going for them.

        Jenni, keep me apprised of the thigh-length boots! They may go well with my superhero Uke Diva costume…

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