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Taking time out to learn

Eat your heart outThis morning I sat down for the first of 17+ days of professional development.

Actually, I’ve committed the 28 days of February to this development – but for 17 days, I’ll be attending a super high-level (read: Jedi) NLP training.

The trainer (and good friend) Heidi Heron, astounded me with this simple congratulation:

“You’re giving yourself 17 days of deliberate, focused learning out of 365. That is rare.”

And it is. When did we, as adults, decide that our focus was “work” and no longer “education”. Regretfully, I’ve been putting off this training for years – simply because I refused to give myself 17 days.

What would you do, if you took a month off to learn?

PS Blog updates will continue as normal – if anything, they may get better

PPS Photo above was taken from my bedroom window, here on Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast.


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  1. Well, what would I do if I had a month off from the rat race, the j.o.b.
    I would pack books, both self development and fictional, as I believe there is learning in all (I am acutely aware that I have not read a book for ‘leisure’ for a very long time) and I would head to the beach and bush.

    Apart from that I am at a complete loss as to what I would do.
    I am at a very frustrating part of my learning/life where I lack motivation, creativity and action.

    There is a lot I could be doing, there is also a lot I ‘should’ be doing but this just adds to my frustration level.

    The current question to myself and the Greater Source is WHAT DO I WANT?

  2. Hi Bonny,

    Thanks for the honest reply. I’d like to see you figure out something so compelling that it is something not only that you want to do… but also something you feel you MUST do.

    How about it?

    – Peter

  3. I turned 50 last fall and after 20+ years of owning a business and then being on staff at a large church, I’m heading back to get my master’s degree. 3 years of learning ahead of me. I can hardly wait.

    My life has always focused on extended learning, I can’t imagine living any other way, but to finally be able to do this has me really excited.

    …and now I’ll quit commenting your blogs for awhile. Thanks.

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