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Who has the highest expectation of you?

Danger - ExpectationsWho challenges you to be the very best… and then a little better?

For most people, it’s our spouse, parents, mentors, siblings or maybe even our boss.

I’ve been lucky enough to hang out with a small handful of super successful entrepreneurs. Plus, we’ve all read about the mega-stars – Richard Branson, Trump, Bill Gates, Buffet and more…

Yesterday I tweeted about the 5% of Branson’s day that makes him different from all the wannabes.

The reality? It’s probably more like 1% and it revolves around this simple principal:

Expect more from yourself than anyone else could possibly expect

You can and must challenge yourself to be better than the best.

Living up to someone else’s expectations sets your “personal best” right at the place where they get fulfillment, happiness and maybe wealth.

Do you want more?

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