This article isn’t for my readers who’re tycoons with empires. Or even those of you rocking small businesses with growing teams.

You people should tune out right now, because the solopreneurs and I have some highly classified information to discuss.

Listen up solopreneurs. I’m talking to you. You’re running a very small business – probably from home – and you’re all by yourself. It’s not easy. In fact, you’re exposed to all kinds of pitfalls other entrepreneurs never even experience.

None of these rusty bear traps are too scary if you know where they lie. But i you aren’t clue up, you’re at serious risk – your small business could be utterly derailed by any of the following three obstacles… Continue reading “How to avoid the traps of Solopreneurship”

Each week, dozens of entrepreneurs tell me their biggest struggles via my Clarity Couch free consulting test drive. Again and again, I hear people crying out for a clone of themselves.

There is never enough time to work on the business, because everyone is too busy working in their business. Sound familiar?

You can’t outsource the big picture genius that’ll push your business to the next level – you have to make that happen yourself. If you’re constantly run off your feet putting out fires and keeping customers or staff happy, you have a problem.

So here’s my guide to cloning yourself.  Continue reading “What to do when you need to clone yourself”

Above all else, my client work always comes back to battling indecision. Business success is about making good decisions swiftly. You’ve got to be the most certain guy in the room.

Beginner entrepreneurs just procrastinate (fix that here) but seasoned pros get held up when they find themselves in a decision double bind.

It looks like this: “I have to make a decision before I move forward, but I can’t make a decision until I move forward!” 

Today’s post is designed to help you achieve two things. First, to identify when and where this double bind is occurring in your life/business. Second, to bust the paradox apart and get you moving despite feeling stuck. Continue reading “What to do when you can’t make a decision”

It’s not about what you know or even what you sell. Who you know is still the variable that separates astronomical success from the projects that fizzle out.

In what may be the biggest ever case of Easier-Said-Than-Done, almost every entrepreneur wonders: How do I go about the getting to know them part?

If you can’t rely on the silver spoon, alumni club or any other convenient leg ups then you need to study the art of connection. This article will show you how create rapid, powerful and lasting relationships with total strangers.  Continue reading “How to build a deep connection with anyone”

You’re reading this because you’re curious. You’re an entrepreneur and some Shrink on the internet is offering to explain why you signed up for the life you did.

You’re curious because sometimes you don’t even know. Your entrepreneurial friends all make the same joke: “Sometimes I miss being an employee.” But it’s only ever a joke.

You’re committed. Even when things get really tough, you don’t think seriously about giving up and signing up for a cubical. Even if the thought crosses your mind.

I wrote this article for one reason. Knowing why you signed up for this life will give you the power to focus on what’s most important. Understanding the reason, beyond the promise of riches and freedom, will make you truly rich and free.

Seriously considering doing something else is… unthinkable. Let me tell you why.  Continue reading “Why you chose the entrepreneur life”

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