Your business success demands colossal sales skill.

No entrepreneur can avoid it. No matter how it makes you feel, you must be come an expert salesperson. Even startup technologists building software in their code-caves have to persuade investors to sign cheques.

It’s no surprise that – sooner or later – I talk with all my clients about sales. Money does strange things to people and when talking to customers about it or asking for it… things get weird.

Otherwise confident entrepreneurs start second guessing themselves. They hesitate and choke. What was friendly conversation becomes stilted and awkward.

You can’t ask for the money when things get strange. You can’t handle objections when you feel awkward. You can’t close the deal when you’re acting weird.

So here’s a guide – that goes straight to the heart of the mental root of the weirdness – that’ll show you how to never mess it up again.  Continue reading “How to fearlessly pitch and sell without feeling weird”

This article isn’t for my readers who’re tycoons with empires. Or even those of you rocking small businesses with growing teams.

You people should tune out right now, because the solopreneurs and I have some highly classified information to discuss.

Listen up solopreneurs. I’m talking to you. You’re running a very small business – probably from home – and you’re all by yourself. It’s not easy. In fact, you’re exposed to all kinds of pitfalls other entrepreneurs never even experience.

None of these rusty bear traps are too scary if you know where they lie. But i you aren’t clue up, you’re at serious risk – your small business could be utterly derailed by any of the following three obstacles… Continue reading “How to avoid the traps of Solopreneurship”

Everyone talks about transmuting failure into feedback. It’s the holy grail of entrepreneurial acceleration: You recover from set backs faster, get smarter and rocket up the learning curve to the milk and honey on the other side.

If only it was easier done than said!

When you’re deep in the trenches, up to your elbows in a real-world business ass kicking, it’s kinda hard to relax into the lotus position and remind yourself to think positively.

Until now, because today I’m breaking down five street-tested tactics that snap you out of failure just as fast as they push you into learning and growth. Let’s do it.

Continue reading “5 tactics to bounce yourself back from rejection and failure”

It’s not about what you know or even what you sell. Who you know is still the variable that separates astronomical success from the projects that fizzle out.

In what may be the biggest ever case of Easier-Said-Than-Done, almost every entrepreneur wonders: How do I go about the getting to know them part?

If you can’t rely on the silver spoon, alumni club or any other convenient leg ups then you need to study the art of connection. This article will show you how create rapid, powerful and lasting relationships with total strangers.  Continue reading “How to build a deep connection with anyone”

The title of this article is a lie and a trick. This article is really about the dangers of marketing to the lowest common denominator.

This is a rant post. The headline I just used to ensnare your attention (thank you for it, by the way, and please bear with me) is just one trademark example of a whole school of sleazy marketing.

That it’s sleazy isn’t news. What you may not know is just how lethally dangerous this type of marketing can be to your business. Continue reading “Someone offered me $50k not to publish this”

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