“The number one priority of an entrepreneur who gets out of their creative vortex… is to do whatever it takes to get back in it.” 

…Said my friend Julie, a few weeks ago when we met up to chat. As fellow entrepreneurs, meeting idly mid work day, the topic of conversation naturally gravitated toward business, thinking and success.

This creative vortex is Julie’s (and Abraham Hick’s) metaphor for what you might know as “The Zone” – that place you go where your work just flows, the best decisions get made and your success is created. Getting people there is what I do for a job. Staying there should be your biggest concern.

There’s a number of factors that can pull an entrepreneur out of this sweet spot. One of the most unexpected and deadly is the act of juggling multiple projects.  Continue reading “Why working on multiple projects is a huge mistake”

If you can pull it off, being a solopreneur is great. You can create wealth and usually bypass the usual freedom-devouring traps that most entrepreneurs get snared in. If the goal is wealth, freedom and sanity… the solopreneur life is an increasingly smart choice.

Except for the side effect. Consult your entrepreneurial shrink first, because 90% of solopreneurs experience a severe productivity handicap. Here’s why the solopreneur life kills productivity.   Continue reading “The Solopreneur Handicap That Makes You Suck at Productivity”

The secret sauce to next level business success is productivity.

Let’s be honest. You started your business so that you didn’t have to sit in an office analyzing spreadsheets. You signed up for being a “highly effective” person. You told yourself that, as your own boss, you’d get more done in a few hours than most folks accomplish in a week.  Continue reading “How to double your productivity in 30 minutes”

Business is built on relationships. It doesn’t matter how weird your industry is or how of “independent” you think you are.

Entrepreneurs get ahead by connecting with the right people. It’s only then that serendipitous magic can happen.

This quick-fire post breaks down the foundational principal behind “rapport” – that magical state where people seem to just *get* (and like) one another. Figure this one tactic out and your network (and whole business) will rocket.  Continue reading “Instant Charisma – The psychology of rapport revealed”

This post has been a long time coming. My experience on the Summit boat blew my mind to the extent that I needed a few weeks back in Sydney to fully comprehend this game changing event.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Summit Series, allow me to bring you up to speed… Continue reading “Summit at Sea 2011 – The new trend in business is impact”

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