Entrepreneurs love the idea of upping their game. Everyone wants to earn the big cash, cushy benefits and rockstar recognition that a very successful business creates.

In fact, most entrepreneurs lust after the trappings of a bigger business – even if they value running a tiny, agile team or being solopreneur.

In the perfect world, entrepreneurs would be able to enjoy corporate levels of success, right? Most assume it’s impossible.

This post reveals a single business tactic that rockets your business to the level of top corporate enterprise. Without the giant staff or hassle. The best part? You can begin right away. Continue reading “The one tactic guaranteed to skyrocket every entrepreneur’s profit”

Most solopreneurs have dreams or vague plans to one day make it to the big time. A proper company and staff to boot. Whether it’s an in-house team or outsourced global workforce, every business owner dreams of growing the family, even if only to a single virtual assistant.

Yet such dreams are almost never realized.

Despite the lower-than-ever cost of bringing outsource talent onboard, entrepreneurs still struggle more than ever to actually getting around to doing it.

I have a nose for self-sabotage and something here reeks of internal conflict! This post explains why you still haven’t hired that person you know you should. Hint: It’s all in your head. Continue reading “The Truth: Why Solopreneurs are destined to stay that way forever”

Leadership skills are going to be essential, no matter what you’re attempting as an entrepreneur.

It’s an obvious and necessary skill for entrepreneurs hoping to grow business empires. Whenever staff enter the equation, the entrepreneur with qualities of a true leader is the winner.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your solopreneur-style internet business is immune either. When you’re building a following of devoted fans (and customers) you become their leader!

So what is leadership and is it possible to learn? Let’s break it down…

Continue reading “Are Leadership Skills only for those with the right genes?”

Steve Jobs has a message for you I recently stumbled across a rare (and incredible) video interview (watch it below) of two of the most revolutionary, technological magicians of this age: Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Apple’s Steve Jobs.

Right at the end of the interview, an audience member asks for advice and both Gates and Jobs touch on an issue that is central, critical and revolutionary to every one of my clients, blog subscribers and friends.

Continue reading “You are either passionate or insane – choose now”

Sneaky sales skill not requiredThis is the final instalment in a series of articles on Sales Management – for people managing their own sales (every entrepreneur is), corporate team leaders or anyone in between.

So far, I’ve revealed an outline, covering off the essential steps: Great Beliefs, Reasons to Act, Outcome Clarity and Wilful Action.

The total acronym (for memory-ease) looks like this: GROWS

The S stands for “Skills” and it comes last because sales skills are not important.

Continue reading “The mental formula for super effective sales management (part 5)”

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