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How to join the entrepreneurial aristocracy

There’s always an “inside” and an “outside”. Business success is no different  – some people get elevated to the upper echelon of the business world. Others languish outside in the cold.

This article exposes a game-changing new tool that’ll give you everything you need to rocket yourself to stellar business success, ensuring you’re never picked last for the team again… metaphorically or otherwise. You’ll get everything you need to establish yourself as the cool-kid in your industry. Plus, the financial rewards that go with it.

Read on, because I’m revealing the insider’s tactic that I built my entire career on. And, I’m gonna pitch you something incredible. AND, there are some insane-o freebies up for grabs. 

The secret handshake that gets you into the entrepreneurial aristocracy

Imagine instantly establishing yourself as the trustworthy and inspiring “all-business” go-to-guy (or gal). Imagine instantly differentiating yourself from the wannabes in your niche. Imagine being instantly recognized by other members of the cool-club as “one of us”.

The secret is right in front you – it’s writing.

The written word. The tap-tap of keys, establishing your expertise one character at a time… or not.

Writing is, hand’s down, the single greatest badge of someone who “knows their shit”. In this day and age, I’d even go so far as to say it’s on par with (if not more important than) face-to-face verbal communication.

Writing is hard though. It’s not easy to line up words to express your enthusiasm and expertise. It’s even harder to light up the mind’s of your readers with understanding and motivation. For most entrepreneurs, sentences are jilted. Nothing flows. Precious attention is lost.

I was fortunate – I was born with a silver spoon. I didn’t go to fancy prep schools and my dad didn’t sit on the board of any big business. Instead, I was raised by professors of the english literature. It was the biggest leg-up I could have ever asked for.

Learning to write well (yeah, I’ll say it) helped me achieve the following…

  1. Win lucrative corporate consulting contracts with less real experience, age, credentials and connections than the competition. Writing a killer proposal changed everything.
  2. Build a successful therapy practice in an overcrowded market. Powerful long-copy advertising in local newspapers still works.
  3. Score endless referrals from medical doctors despite operating as an unlicensed “complimentary practitioner”. Mailing out 150 personally addressed letters to MDs in the area changed the game.
  4. Launch a new blog and unheard-of-consulting-service and convert clients within days. I’ve still get emails that start with “When I read your latest post, I knew I had to work with you…”
  5. Win peer recognition from online entrepreneurs far, far more successful than me simply because (and I quote) “you seem to have good things to say”.
  6. Get paid in both cash and equity to sit on the board and advise start-ups on business and psychology strategy.

In fact, it’s safe to say that without writing skills… I’d probably be working for someone somewhere, looking forward to the clock hitting 5 o’clock.

Writing really is everything.

My pal, luminary Forbes blogger and business writer, Michael Ellsberg believes that learning direct response copy writing skills is the single greatest investment in your “human capital” you can make.

In other words, writing is abso-f***ing-lutely critical to your business success.

So polish up those writing skills. It’s your ticket to the inner circle – to joining the elite cadre of entrepreneurs who are taking themselves (and each other) to the next level… quicker than you can imagine.

The truth is, there really is an insider’s circle – where achieving wealth, freedom and fame becomes much much easier. Mastering writing skills is the best way to get recognized as “one of them”.

I’ve wanted to rant on the significance of learning to write for months, but I’ve held off while my good friend James Chartrand was developing the killer course Damn Fine Words. I know that there are better teachers than me for this stuff – my hope is that by sharing the story of how writing changed MY life… you’ll realize it could do the same for you.

Because James has put together Damn Fine Words, I can keep writing about Business Psychology… and leave it to her (the ultimate expert) to ignite your writing genius.

I’ve been looking over James’ shoulder for the last year, watching this course come together and I know it’s going to phenomenal. Not just “yay, great tips” good, but crazy-amazing-awesome support, accountability, coaching and more from the best in the game.

This course will be the tipping point that takes your writing and your business to the level you’ve always dreamed of.

I really want you to sign up for this.

Damn Fine Words is a $1,599 course ($200 discount if you sign up before September 1st). That’s a price point that’ll see you double your ROI many, many times. There’s even a payment plan available.

I get an affiliate commission for promoting this, so I’m planning on buying a lot of martinis. If you’re in NYC, you can join me for a few.

I’m going to sweeten the deal though, because this is important to me. I want to be the guy who introduced you to the course that “changed everything”. So here’s what I’m offering up:

One hour, one-on-one phone consult with the Shrink For Entrepreneurs – FREE to the first two buyers of Damn Fine Words. 

All you have to do is click one of the banners (or this link right here). When you sign up for the course, just drop an email to my assistant ( and we’ll make it happen.

Together, we’ll figure out exactly where you’re at in your thinking and your business performance. I’ll help clear up the psychological obstacles (including the ones you don’t even realize are there!) between you and your goals. You’ll leave the call with clarity, unstoppable motivation and a specific plan for moving forward. Our goal will be nothing less than exponential results.

A single hour, one-to-one is valued at $399. And it’s free for you, today.

James’ course is a solid (sound) investment and I respect those of you willing to commit to something as big as this. That’s why it’ll be my pleasure to spend some time working with you on your mindset. Don’t doubt the impact that mastering your writing skills and your business psychology will create.

My time is precious though, which is why I can only give this away to the first two folks who sign up. This is an incentive for eliminating hesitation, never second-guessing yourself and taking action for your success. 

You know what to do. Click here to get in on Damn Fine Words right now. 


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  1. Yes! (heartily nodding head in agreement!)

    James and Peter combine word craft and business instinct to give you a permanent seat at the table where cool meets smart. Click fast or you’ll kick yourself!

  2. Okay folks, James has twisted my arm and asked that I make another two spots available as the first two were snapped up before most people even opened their email.

    As of now, there are two spots if you want em!

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