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What prevents you quitting your day job? (part 2)

We’ve established that the biggest obstacle most people face, when it comes to setting a new direction for life and work, is fear.

Even when you’re totally prepared and ready to get decisive and take action, a little knot of terror in your stomach usually remains. So let’s find out how to get rid of it…

Half the time, fear is inappropriate and unwarranted – which basically means you’re responding to your past conditioning, like someone with a phobia, only the feeling is probably not so intense (I hope).

Most of us are conditioned at some level to be anxious about trying new things. My experience, working with clients, suggests that (nine times out of ten) this is because of our schooling.

For the majority of those important, personality-forming years, we are conditioned to be punished when we fail and rewarded when we find easy success. So when we start stressing out about a new career, business or whatever, it’s because our unconscious mind is back in school – worrying that failure is round the corner.

Here’s the big shift – the one thing you really need to get:

The emotion of fear preceeds an extraordinary breakthrough

That’s right! Think about it: The times in your life when you have exceeded expectations and done something spectacular… did you feel nervous or anxious right before that? If not, go try bungy jumping and get back to me!

In the modern world, discounting all bear attacks, every time we feel fear (when prepared to the best of our ability) it’s a good indication that something super-exciting is just around the corner.

How do you think your life could change if you adopted a new belief:

“Whenever I feel Fear, it means that I need to prepare for something extraordinary to happen”

Try it for a week… I promise the gap between your goals and results will get considerably smaller!

Peter Shallard

Peter Shallard

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