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This business lost money – find out why

The last blog article I wrote was all about identifying a target market and giving them what they want…

Even if “what they want” isn’t something you’d normally offer.

Basically, the big biz opportunity lies in being unique by offering something (or a combination of things) that no-one else does.

This business tried to use the technique that the dog-lovers cafe was so successful with, but got it tragically wrong…

A marketing committee for the Sydney Morning Herald, the grocery store or both attempted to give their target market a “value added” package that fulfilled two important needs and wants.

Here’s the picture I snapped last Saturday morning:

Some proper business coaching should have fixed this

I can see the logic. What do people who buy and read weekend papers enjoy?

Simple! Weekend breakfasts… eggs! 10 points awarded to the marketing committee.

Unfortuantely, people are not passionate about newspapers and eggs in the same way as they are about coffee and dogs.

This advertising gimmick was doomed to fail because people are not passionate about either product.

Additionally, almost everyone who wants a newspaper already has eggs.

Additionally, it’s obviously not a “great” deal… only a slightly good one.

Don’t make the same mistake. There has to be a need and a want for the technique to work.

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