Imagine if you followed through on every good intention.

Wouldn’t life be incredible? We’d all be Calvin Klein model billionaires. We’d be the most dutiful, giving partners to our spouses. We’d eat more greens. We’d probably meditate, daily. Life would be amazing.

The human condition makes this impossible. We don’t do the things we want to do, because we’re conflicted. We also want to eat hotdogs, vegetate in front of TV and avoid working on that scary big business project. Despite our best intentions to the contrary.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, the saying goes. Successful entrepreneurs are different – they transform their good intentions into real world actions. Wannapreneurs dream big without follow-through.

Become someone who transmutes intention into action. Continue reading “The road to business hell: Why your good intentions don’t get you anywhere”

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking in the blogosphere or the book store – Lifestyle Design advice is all around you. Build a business to support your dreams! Yay!

Lifestyle is the new black. Minimalism rules and pundits are trying to find the new definition of “enough”. It seems that any self respecting entrepreneur is supposed to build a micro-internet business to support their ambitions. Those ambitions usually revolve around tropical retirements and/or working from your PJs while homeschooling your kids.

Sounds great right?

Yet the psychology of these “lifestyle” entrepreneurs indicates they’re more unfulfilled, fatigued and miserable than ever before.  Continue reading “Why Lifestyle Design will make you miserable”

The dark side of the entrepreneur’s learning curve isn’t often discussed. We’re so obsessed with reframing failure as “learning” that we ignore the scary reality of doing so.

What if each learning curve you hit also meant a compromise of your goals and vision? What if you’ve “learned” so much on this journey that you’ve forgotten why you even began it?

If you’re feeling your gut churn as it contemplates the brink of existential crisis, read on…  Continue reading “Have you forgotten why you started your business?”

Time for a post that’s pure personal development. With a distinctly shrink-for-entrepreneurs “not what you were expecting” flavor, of course.

Stretching yourself with exercises that don’t revolve around business or traditional “personal growth” topics is critical to the success (and acceleration) of your entrepreneurial career.

In between all the workshops, non-fiction reading and mentoring we sometimes forget that the lives we lead are our primary medium for learning and growth. This post outlines seven real-world experiences that’ll permanently transform your thinking for the better – ensuring a revolution of business results.  Continue reading “7 game-changing personal development exercises you’ll actually love doing”

This post has been a long time coming. My experience on the Summit boat blew my mind to the extent that I needed a few weeks back in Sydney to fully comprehend this game changing event.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Summit Series, allow me to bring you up to speed… Continue reading “Summit at Sea 2011 – The new trend in business is impact”

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