Stop the press! There’s a conspiracy in the personal development industry. The people selling you every flavor of “get rich/thin/happy” have an invested interest in making sure you know that you are broken.

That’s right. Big Personal Development wants you to believe you’ve got problems. Big problems. Problems like self sabotage, confusion, lack of focus and more! Problems that only we can fix.

I said “we” because, technically, I’m a vendor of Personal Development. I’m a hawker of insight, a peddler of transformation and an introspection merchant.

In this capacity, I’m here to confess the truth. There isn’t anything wrong with you. Even your most self destructive acts of insidious procrastination are all absolutely perfect… if you meet this one simple criteria: Continue reading “Procrastination is Perfect: Why having a mission changes all the rules”

A few weeks ago, I spent some time at a networking event for entrepreneurs. First time I had formally “networked” in years – I normally detest networking events, since they’re usually 100% full of consultants looking for clients.

In other words, a networking event is the business equivalent of a nightclub filled with men.

On second thought, that might be awesome for some people. Especially in Sydney. Who am I to judge?

Point is, by the end of the evening I was ready to stab my eyeballs out with the nearest piece of cutlery. Here’s why… Continue reading “Your Ideas Suck – A rant on Startups, Investors & Profit”

Recently, I’ve been having a few discussions with business owners about the second point in my entrepreneurial hat trick. I’ve been meditating on freedom – that glorious, abstract stuff that goes with wealth and sanity like tom goes with dick and harry.

Turns out that the pursuit of freedom has been tripping up well meaning, ambitious entrepreneurs. Wealth and sanity have vanished in the face of the wannabe entrepreneur’s desire to live without rules or boundaries.

Yes, freedom might just destroy your business. Read on to find out why. Learn what can be done to ensure freedom never shatters you. Continue reading “Why Freedom is bad for entrepreneurs”

At least, that’s title of the post I’d like to write – if only my annoying sense of morals would allow it! I got a chance to pick Seth’s brain last week and thought you’d benefit from a field report of the Q&A.

To be 101% honest, calling it a “Q&A” would be like calling a Manatee a “beautiful, graceful sea-swan”.

The reality: I snuck into a webinar for female business people of Australia, that Seth was participating in.

Not only was I not in Australia at the time, but my wig was totally unconvincing too.

Nevertheless, when they opened up the floor for questions and some 600 women clamoured to have their queries answered, my question somehow got through.

I asked Seth:

“What advice do you have for someone who struggles to define their superpower?”

Continue reading “Q&A with Seth Godin – Shortcut to figuring out your superpower”

Jobs and careers are at the top of everyone’s mind during a recession or GFC.

Specifically, how do I get into an industry or business that is recession and depression proof? What will guarantee that I won’t be affected?

Being able to spot the “safe bets” or fantastic opportunities has nothing to do with reading a list of the Top 10 recession proof jobs.

I could give you that list but very few people would actually do anything with it. Instead, why not wise up to this technique for understanding the recession and why certain jobs will be murdered early while others are guaranteed permanent security?

Continue reading “How to find recession proof jobs and careers”

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