It’s a wonder you’ve managed to sell as much as you have. Your customers have got issues. They’re illogical, impulsive weirdos.

Why? Because your market demographic, no matter how “niche” you might be, is made up of the wider group of freaks we refer to as “humanity”. Crazy people.

Yet entrepreneurs continue to act as if their customers are part of some large group that can be predicted, rationalized and plotted on graphs.

Here’s a story that’ll prove to you why your customers are crazier than you realize… Continue reading “All your customers are crazy (aka psychological customer retention)”

At least, that’s title of the post I’d like to write – if only my annoying sense of morals would allow it! I got a chance to pick Seth’s brain last week and thought you’d benefit from a field report of the Q&A.

To be 101% honest, calling it a “Q&A” would be like calling a Manatee a “beautiful, graceful sea-swan”.

The reality: I snuck into a webinar for female business people of Australia, that Seth was participating in.

Not only was I not in Australia at the time, but my wig was totally unconvincing too.

Nevertheless, when they opened up the floor for questions and some 600 women clamoured to have their queries answered, my question somehow got through.

I asked Seth:

“What advice do you have for someone who struggles to define their superpower?”

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The big dilemma in actionOn a sunny day last week, I walked through the historic Sydney suburb of Glebe for no other purpose than to enjoy a cafe lunch and browse 2nd hand book stores.

What I was to discover, however, was startling proof of “The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma”.

This is a social-psychological phenomena that plagues innocent business owners – sowing the seeds of self-doubt and financial disaster.

Want to know what it is?

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The last blog article I wrote was all about identifying a target market and giving them what they want…

Even if “what they want” isn’t something you’d normally offer.

Basically, the big biz opportunity lies in being unique by offering something (or a combination of things) that no-one else does.

This business tried to use the technique that the dog-lovers cafe was so successful with, but got it tragically wrong…

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A quick way to guarantee customers keep coming back

I was walking down the main street of Sydney’s sunny Surry Hills when I spotted a business using a technique I had never seen before. This tactic was a sure-fire guarantee for bringing customers into the business, plus it also mastered customer retention.

In the process of murdering the competition (in a saturated marketplace!), these guys had developed a hugely powerful, super-low-cost technique that hinges on a simple principal even a five-year-old can understand.

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