This is a post I didn’t think I’d have to write. For a long time, I lapped up business advice from everyone who was smarter, more successful or better looking than me.

Most entrepreneurs do the same. They never have a problem doing so, because business advice is always good. More is better than less. Until it isn’t.

For a minority – truly successful business owners (like you), business advice can start to become dangerous.  Continue reading “The 3 types of business advice you should be extremely wary of”

The title of this article is a lie and a trick. This article is really about the dangers of marketing to the lowest common denominator.

This is a rant post. The headline I just used to ensnare your attention (thank you for it, by the way, and please bear with me) is just one trademark example of a whole school of sleazy marketing.

That it’s sleazy isn’t news. What you may not know is just how lethally dangerous this type of marketing can be to your business. Continue reading “Someone offered me $50k not to publish this”

The War on Procrastination has begun.

As The Shrink for Entrepreneurs, my career has revolved around a single epiphany: That entrepreneurs make a difference.

These days, with a zombie apocalypse never far from our minds, the world seems to be careening in a scary direction. We might be able to save ourselves, but it’s going to require huge breakthroughs. The breakthroughs we need are coming (and have historically come from) the super-savvy free thinkers, the unashamedly ambitious, the deliberately optimistic… the entrepreneurs. Where politics fail us, entrepreneurship gives us hope.

I’m on a mission to remove the barriers that prevent entrepreneurs stepping up to their life’s work. That’s why I’ve declared war on Procrastination.

If you’re an entrepreneur, procrastination is your enemy. Fear is its ammunition. Paralysis is its goal.  Continue reading “Front line stories from the War on Procrastination”

Shred your todo list, mix a margarita and fire up the grill. Summer is here!

Temperatures go up and entrepreneurial ambitions go down. People start prioritizing dangerous concepts such as “sunlight” and “relaxation”.

It’s fun and games for some, but the summer slow-down can feel like a mini recession for those business owners in hustle mode. Productivity drops, customers go to the beach and you wake up in September to a bleak profit and loss spreadsheet.

Until now. This three point guide shows you how to extract the maximum ROI from the warm months, without skipping a single siesta.  Continue reading “The 3 Step Guide to Summer Productivity”

Today, I have something a little different. This is for the folks who know me (and care) enough that they’d like some insight into my world. If you’re curious about where I’m growing (and struggling) and think that you might benefit from that perspective, then welcome! I’m serving up a fresh helping of all that and more.

I rarely use this blog to update you, in classic look-what-I’m-eating-for-breakfast style, on what’s going on in the life and world of me. This isn’t the beginning of a trend and we’ll be back to regular programming soon… but right now, I have a few things I need to talk about.

For those still reading, on with the show!  Continue reading “Boosting Energy and Productivity for a better bottom line”

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